I can remember that feeling of the first day of school. I was excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Everything was new; new teacher, classmates, grade, rules, etc.! With all that newness, I could always count on the same old traditions that my mom did every year. It gave me a peace of mind that I was going to be okay and I became more excited than nervous.

I’m not a “pinterest mom” and not crafty by any means, so these traditions are simple but always made me feel so special before school and after on my first day.

Here are some simple but effective traditions!

1. Take Your Child on a Date

My most favorite tradition was going on a one on one date with my mom (or dad) a week or so before the first day of school. We would go to my favorite place to eat and shop at my favorite stores to buy my back to school clothes. It was so much fun and I could not wait for this day every year. We would talk one on one about what I was excited up for the upcoming year.

2. Back to School Dinner

The night before school starts, plan out a special dinner for your excited kiddos! Make them feel special with their favorite menu and if you’re feeling real fancy, make or buy crowns for them to wear. We do that on birthdays but I think they would love it for back to school too! You can get the crowns at Burger King for free and wrap tin foil around the crown and bedazzle it. You can reuse them year after year!

3. Plan A Special Breakfast

Make (or buy) a hearty breakfast for their first day! We love to get their favorite donuts and chocolate milk! It’s simple and easy and they eat it up. Literally!

4. Leave A Note

When my first child started school, I wrote a good luck love note on her napkin and you would’ve thought I left a million dollars in her lunch! She thought it was the coolest thing ever and even saved it haha. I remember feeling less nervous when I read my sweet note my mom wrote me. I try and do it every day but I definitely fail at this sometimes! Again, simple and easy, but makes a BIG impact especially when they have the first day of school jitters!

5. Ask for a Blessing/Prayer

My dad always gave us a father’s blessing the night before school started and my husband does it with my oldest now too. He blessed us that we would have a good school year, meet good friends, make good decisions, try our best, be a good example to our peers, etc. It was such a special experience and gave me a peace of mind that everything was going to be okay. Say a prayer with your little ones individually, it is such a spiritual experience for them and you.

6. Walk With Them

If your school is close enough, you could walk or ride your bike with them on their first day. Shea’s kids school is right around the corner from her house, so she always walks or rides her bike with them on their first day. They love it and don’t feel as nervous trying to find their class and teacher.

7. After School Snack

I love to have milk and homemade cookies waiting for Londyn at home after her first day. My mom always did this and I seriously loved knowing there was a special treat waiting for me at home. Or if you don’t want to bake, take them to Mickey D’s for an ice cream cone or 711 for a slurpee!

8. Have a Heart to Heart

The night before or days leading up to the first day, have a little heart to heart with your kids. You can discuss fears they may have about the upcoming school year or any uneasy thoughts they may be experiencing.When I changed schools, like from elementary to junior high or junior high to high school, I was always extremely anxious. I loved talking to my mom and older siblings about what I might experience heading into that grade. It gave me some comfort and it also helped that I had a twin sister that was right there with me! Some kids might not have any, and then you could discuss what they are excited for!

9. Prepare the Night Before

I will have to say my most favorite tradition I did every year was laying everything out for the big day! I would lay out my clothes from the bow I was going to wear all the way to my shoes. I did this all through high school too! I organized my backpack and everything I needed to take with me. I even told my mom what I wanted in my lunch for the first day. It helps not only the child to not feel rushed the morning of but it definitely helps out the parent!

10. Take A Picture

And last but definitely not least, the ever so popular first day of school picture! I just usually find a free printable off pinterest or make my own sign. I love these pictures and going back each year to see how much they have changed!

I hope you like these traditions and can implement them into your own families! I’d love to hear your back to school tradtions. Leave a comment below!

xoxo Ashton

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