I see the looks, I see the stares, and I see the head nods counting 1,2, and 3 children and then back again with them stopping between my 15 month old and my 2 month old. Hold up, those can’t both be hers! That’s two babies! And they are certainly not twins! And then they look up at me with a half way smile. Their thoughts are written all over their face…Bless her heart. That is one CRAZY LADY!

And I completely agree! Having 3 kids 4 and under is completely crazy. I used to be the girl that looked at other mom’s that way. And now I’m one of them, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the rice in China!

The days are long and exhausting. Lots of crying (me included), diapers, spit up, poop, bottles and tantrums, but that’s what every mom’s day consists of right? Riiiigghhhtt?

Isn’t motherhood a strange but beautiful thing? Children can be disobedient, ungrateful, naughty, disrespectful and selfish, but we still continue to love them unconditionally. I mean, hell, if my husband always acted like that I’d be gone like the wind.

Mom’s are busy. YOU are busy! So below are some ideas to help you get through your busy day without wanting to pull the trigger on yourself or others (bless my husbands heart).

10 tips to keep your sanity with children

Here are my 10 tips to keep your sanity with children:

1. House Cleaning

DO NOT TRY AND CLEAN YOUR HOUSE EVERYTIME SOMETHING GETS LEFT ON THE FLOOR!!! YOU WILL GO INSANE!! Even though I would love for my house to look like the homes in House Beautiful, it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Just embrace a dirty house and clean up when the little pigs go to bed.

2. Bribery

You can never bribe your kids enough. Hence, that is why candy and ice cream were created…to bribe your children. It works like a charm.

5. Laugh it Off

Just remember that those times where you wanted to beat your children, will one day be funny. Just do lots of fake laughs in the meantime.

4. Dinnertime

Cereal for dinner ain’t never hurt nobody.

5. McDonalds Drive Thru

Drive-thrus are your best friend. Don’t feel bad if you’ve gone through the drive-thru for every meal that day. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

6. Laundry

This may seem like a lot but it will actually save you time. Which us mom’s hardly have enough of! Do ONE load of laundry every day. Then you are not overwhelmed with the heaping piles of laundry you are left to do at 10:00 PM the night before you are supposed to leave out of town. We’ve all been there. It SUCCCKKKSSSS.

7. Kids Being Kids

Remember that kids actually are, well KIDS! Sometimes I expect things out of my 4 year old that I don’t even expect out of my husband. Remember they are trying their best at this whole kid thing, just like you’re trying your best at this whole mom thing.

8. Early Riser

I try (notice my emphasis on try) to wake up at least 30 minutes before my kids. It gives me time to prepare my day or just get caught up on those very important things in my life like Instagram 😉 And most importantly it just gives me some ME time with peace and quiet. Those two words have never been so sacred to me. You will be a happier mom for the rest of the day and you won’t want to beat your kids heads in like you would do with an actual alarm clock.

9. Get Out of the House

Get out of the freaking house!!! A change of scenery is one of the best things for a crazy person. You don’t even have to get out of the car (especially with 2 babies). Drive around and look at homes (one of my favorite things to do), go to the park, go to Target, buy a big bag of popcorn, slurpees for each kid, a diet coke for you and walk slowly through the aisles of Target. Nothing makes my heart so happy. And maybe while your there, buy yourself some new lipstick. YOU deserve it, girl.

10. Diet Coke

And last but certainly NOT least, an ice cold Diet Coke in a styrofoam cup from McDonalds will always save the day. And if you’re feeling real crazy, go ahead and get the 3 cookies for a dollar.

xoxo Ashton

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