Since my 3 year old will be headed to Pre-school this fall, I’ve really got to get better at teaching her her numbers, letters, colors, shapes etc. She knows the alphabet, can count to 20 (kind of), and knows all her colors, but she can’t identify any letters, numbers or shapes. I have searched the web for some of the best (and easiest!!) ways to teach your toddler the basics!

I’m all about finding ways to teach your children using stuff you may already have around the house, or something that can easily be accessed online. I have categorized the activities by Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes.

Learning Activities Toddlers


Alphabet Match– Use a Sharpie and write on an old cookie sheet the alphabet. Have your child match these magnetic letters to the cookie sheet! And don’t worry, your Sharpie marker will come right off your cookie sheet! Just use alcohol or hand sanitizer to take it off! -source Busy Todder

Alphabet Find- Write out each letter of the alphabet on a sticky note and stick them everywhere around your house. Ask your child to go find each letter and see if they get them right. SO EASY! You can also do this with numbers too!

Erase the ABC’s- Use a dry erase marker and write the ABC’s on a window. Tell your child to find and erase each letter that you say. This would be a great activity for them to do while your cooking or folding laundry. You can also do this with numbers too! -source Busy Toddler

Check out this fabulous easy learning activity for toddlers


Animal Cracker Counting- You’ll need a piece of paper, marker, and animal crackers (or goldfish, fruit snacks, etc.). Make 4 boxes and write numbers 1-4 big in each box. Point to each number, saying it aloud while your child puts the corresponding crackers for each box. Super easy! And they can enjoy their snack afterwards!

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Number Bowls– Get 10 plastic bowls and write numbers 1-10 in each bowl. Have your child use jelly beans, pom poms, goldfish, M&Ms etc., and place the same amount of objects to the corresponding bowl.

Roll the Dice– Write numbers 1-10 on sticky notes and hang them on the wall. Have your child roll the dice and count how many dots they rolled on the dice and then take off the corresponding number sticky note.


Sticker Sorting– I love this one from Busy Toddler (she has the best ideas!) Grab 4 pieces of color construction paper and tape them to your wall. Then have your child place each dot sticker to its same color of paper! Doesn’t get easier than that.

Sorting Printable– I love this color sorting printable for Tot Schooling. Print it off, cut it out, and there you go!

easy learning activities for toddlers

Color Sticker Line Up- On a piece of paper, draw a line or a zig zag line with a different color crayon or marker. Have them line the same color dot sticker to the same color line or zig zag.


Chalk Shapes– Draw the different shapes on the sidewalk using chalk. Then tell the kids to line up and when you call out a shape, run and fast as you can and jump on it once you find it! It’s great exercise too!

Trace Shapes– Draw the different shapes using a highlighter on a piece of paper. Then tell your child to trace the different shapes using a pen.

Play dough Shapes– Call out each shape you’d like your child to make using play dough. You can also use these shape cookie cutters for them to learn with while using the playdoh! Can’t get any easier!

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