It’s almost Valentines Day and I can’t wait to have a night all to ourselves right about now.

I’ve been thinking of some fun things to do for a change then our usual dinner and a movie. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE dinner and a movie. Nothing brings me more joy. But maybe this year I might SPICE things up a bit. Since I am the boringest wife ever. ?

Here are a few of my ideas!

#1. Recreate your 1st Date
That would be going to Applebee’s and then killing him in a game of shooting basketballs at the arcade. 🙂

#2. If you’re on a Budget

Put kids to bed and have a candle lit dinner in the dark with music. Jon and I did this our first Valentine’s Day together and I LOVED it! We brought our mattress into the family room (we don’t have a TV in our room) and watched a movie with our favorite treats. It was so fun.

#3. Make your home a Love Oasis

Deck your bedroom and bathroom with roses, chocolates, and candles.

#4. Hover with Your Lover

Take a helicopter ride and view your city at night. It can be so romantic. In Vegas we have great helicopter rides. Shea and Scott did this last year over the strip. They had a great time.

#5. Drive-In Movie

Grab some In-N-Out and head to the drive-in. Snuggle up with a blanket and pillows and watch a good flick.

#6. Battle of the Sexes

If you go out with friends, Battle of the Sexes or the Newlywed games are great entertainment.

#7. Let’s Get Physical

Bring out your adventurous side and go hiking, biking, dancing, yoga, tennis, golfing, swimming, etc. with your lover.

#8. Get Pampered

Schedule a couples massage and relax with your boo thang.

#9. Twister with a Twist

Play a game of Twister in your birthday suits or better yet Valentines suits. (this would definitely up my game in the boring department ?)

#10. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Spread around cute love notes all over the house that he would find. Or clues surprising him what you got him or where you’re going on a date!

#11. Kiss the Cook

Take a cooking class together. I’ve heard this is really fun! I would actually really enjoy this one. Especially since I wouldn’t have to make the mess in my own kitchen. ?

#12. Have a Photoshoot

Take pictures together! Just the two of you. Most couples never do this unless it’s for engagement or wedding pics. It would be way less stressful without kids being in them and such a treasure to have!

#13. Have a Night Picnic

Spread a blanket out and Eat and relax under the stars! In Vegas you can’t see any stars because of all the lights, but I think it still would be fun and adventurous. Maybe even head up to the mountains, build a camp fire, roast mallows, and lay in the trunk or the bed of his truck!

There you have it! That’s about all the fun ideas this boring lady has left. That was a real sttrrreeeettcchhhhh. And so will doing number 9. 😉

xoxo Ashton