Yes, of course we all know the “traditional” blessings that we are grateful for; our home, food, jobs, health, family, etc. but as a mom I’ve come to really appreciate the small, insignificant things in life. And I’m not embarrassed to say how truly grateful I am for these “blessings” in my life.

So let’s start with the most important one on my list shall we??

#1. Diet freaking Coke. Bless you. You have come to my rescue so many times. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for you. That burning bubbly sensation as you glide down my throat is the perfect way to begin my morning. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

#2. YouTube Kids. I’m grateful for those weird parents who record their entire life so my child can be entertained for an hour while I scrub the walls they just smeared their own poop with.

#3. Cup holders. Cup holders in the car, on the stroller, in the movie theater, on the shopping carts, etc. A designated spot for my fix when I need it makes my a happy mama.

#4. Drive thrus. And I’m grateful that Londyn has stopped asking to go in somewhere because the answer is always no. Mama eats in the car and no other place unless it has a play place. #2babiesunder2probs

#5. Amazon Prime Now. I will never enter another grocery store again. This has changed my life. Thank you Amazon for bringing me more happiness than you already did. My diet coke can now be delivered to me….say whhaattt?!?!

#6. Dry Shampoo. Thank you for not letting my hair look like you could fry an egg on it on day 7 of unwashed hair. Peace and blessings.

#7. Clorox wipes. I will never go back to a mildew rag again.

#8. Leggings, sweats, pajama pants, etc. Anything with an elastic waist and a shirt that I don’t have to wear a bra.

#9. Netflix/Hulu. Thank you for keeping me entertained while folding laundry and for TV series that I can binge watch while eating chips and salsa.

#10. Make up/Eyelash extensions. Thank you for making me look better than I am and not frightening myself or others.


#11. Binkis. So I can shove it in my kids mouth when I don’t want to hear them whine anymore.

#12. TVs in the car. Thank you for keeping my children from killing each other in the back seat so I don’t have to do a reach around and pinch them.

#13. Formula. Thank you to the genius who invented such a beautiful formula so I don’t have to breast feed.

#14. Double Strollers. Thank you for allowing me to go places without sweating bullets and wanting to shoot my own brains out from having to carry two babies at once.

#15. Nap time. This should be number 2 on the list. Nothing more miraculous than a sleeping child. Especially if it last for 3-4 hours.

#16. Paper plates. Thank you for your convenience and your easy clean up. No thank you on loading and unloading my dishwasher for the 5th time that day.

#17. Xanax.

#18. 5:30 PM when Dad gets home from work. The most beautiful hour of all. Except bedtime of course. 😉

#19. Online shopping. Anything that I can do from bed is fantastic.

#20. And last but certainly not least, those little stinks that made me a mom. I’m thankful for their giggles, their innocence, the way they make me feel, their humor, their feisty personalities and about a thousand more things.

I’m grateful to be a mom.

xoxo Ashton