Got a busy little person you need to occupy? Try one of these 25 no prep toddler activities, that don’t require you to do anything to prep for the activity.

When you have a 2.5-year-old and an 18-month-old, things can get a little cray cray! In the past week, my 18 month old has pulled down two sets of curtains off my wall, shattered my glass top table, broke the glass bottle of Tabasco sauce from the fridge, poured balsamic vinegar all over my kitchen floor, took his diaper off and peed all over the carpet, dumped out the entire (family size!!!) Lucky Charms box all over the couch, I mean I could go on and on! I’m about to lose my freaking mind! He is out of control! This age is so dang hilarious, but man alive am I exhausted.

I have searched the web to find easy, no prep toddler activities! I’m all about quick, easy, and fast. With little to no mess. Which I know you are probably too! Toddlers have an attention span of a fly so I have tried to find the best ones that will keep your toddler busy for longer than 5 minutes!


25+ Easy No Prep Toddler Activities


I have the ABC ones on my fridge and when I get them out they love them. They are also great to learn with. You can find some HERE.

Water Painting

Have your toddler “paint” on colored construction paper. No mess and they love it.

Solo Cup Stacking

I had plastic cups left over from a party and brought them out for them to stack and build. They had a blast and it can’t get easier than that.

solo cup stacking activities for kids

Asher’s favorite part was to destroy it. Piper was not pleased.

Glow Sticks

Buy some glow sticks from the dollar store or HERE and turn the lights off! Or put them in the bath water with the lights off.

Old Jewelry

Gather your old jewelry that you don’t care about anymore and let them play with it. My little ones especially love big chunky necklaces and bracelets. You can find super cheap ones at yard sales too.

Sticker Line-Up

I love this idea from Busy Toddler.

sticker time activities for kids

No Water Bath

Put a bunch of toys in the bathtub with no water! They think this is so cool and good for you there’s no water clean up! WINNING!

Paint in a Ziploc

Put colored paint in a Ziploc and tape it to their high chair. Let them finger paint their little hearts out.

Rice Bin

Get a plastic bin and fill with rice. Hide any toys your kids make want to find in the rice bin. I love these little rakes to help them search for the items.

CD Stacking

I LOVE this no prep toddler activity idea from Adventures and Play.

Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Activity

Great idea for learning your letters and working on your fine motor skills.

Popsicle Bath

In Vegas, it’s so hot during the summer so sometimes I hate to send my kids outside to eat a popsicle. Put them in the bath instead! No mess and it will keep them entertained. It would also be great for teething babies or sick kids.

Card Drop

I did this no prep toddler activity with my kids and they LOVED it. Such a great idea from Busy Toddler. She has amazing ideas!

Egg Carton Sort

Save an old egg carton and put little toys or items in each egg slot.

ABC Match Game

On paper write the ABC’s and then have them use ABC stickers, ABC cookies, ABC magnets, etc. to match the letters to the letters on the paper.

Plastic Egg Find

Get out your plastic eggs from Easter and put little items inside. They love opening and closing the eggs and seeing a surprise. It’s great for learning fine motor skills too!

Road Rally

Use painters tape and make a road on the floor for their cars! You can get creative with this!

busy toddler activities

Or you can just let them destroy the tape roll and road and they will be entertained too 😉

Fake Wallet

My kids LOVE playing with my wallet and taking out and putting back my credit cards. Find an old wallet and expired cards or old gifts cards and fill up the wallet!

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Tube

Use an old paper tube and tape it to the wall/fridge/etc., and have them drop things down the tube! So fun and easy!

Feather Blow

I have feather pillows and my kids love to blow the feathers! Grab a straw and some feathers (or felt balls!) and let them blow it across the floor or table.

Cookie Sheet Magnets

Grab a cookie sheet and some magnets and let them go to town!

Laundry Basket Races

Make a start and finish line and have them push each other in the laundry basket.


Get out your pots, pans, utensils and let them have at it. If I put a little water in a bowl and give them a whisk or mixing spoon, they think it’s the greatest thing ever. This is a great one to do outside.

Paper Airplanes

Show them how to fold them and throw them in the air!

Pipe Cleaners & Strainer

Have them thread pipe cleaners through a strainer. So easy and fun! Side note: You can also help them learn their colors by asking what color are each pipe cleaner.

busy toddler activities

Cut it Up

Give them scrap paper or fabric and have them cut away! Use kid safety scissors of course.

Ice Cube Smash

Loved this cute idea. So great for summertime!

busy toddler activities

Toddler Hop

Use chalk and draw big circles outside in a circle and have them hop to each one. I love What Moms Love 101 sidewalk chalk ideas!

Phone Call

You can usually find old landline phones at Goodwill or any second-hand stores. They love punching the big number buttons and hanging it up.

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