My kids are so funny. My oldest daughter decided to move out of her room she shared with her sister 2 years ago and go downstairs to have her own room. Now two years later she wants to move back upstairs and share with her 2 sisters. Crazy, right? But I have to admit I sleep better with her upstairs and love that they all prefer to be in the same room.

When she asked to move back in and have three in a room I had to start brainstorming how to make this all work. They do have a decent size bedroom but not HUGE. I started the search for bunk beds to purchase or for my husband to build one.

After much thought I decided on a triple bunk bed but this triple bunk bed is even better than your 3 twin bunk bed! The bottom bunk is a queen size mattress, the middle is a XL full size, and the top is a XL twin. I love that when they have sleepovers there is plenty of room. And I even have to admit some weekends Hadlee, my second daughter has all 3 of her younger siblings sleep in her middle bunk with her. I tell you they are crazy!!

We had bunk beds when my oldest two were little tinies and all I could remember was making those beasts. I hated and dreaded putting the sheets on after washing as well as making them each morning. I was hell bound on figuring out a way to make life easier on myself and my girls. I discovered……Beddy’s Beds. You guys these have made all my dreams come true and even more my girls dreams. Zipping up your sheets and comforter is just glorious.

My girls read at night. I had my husband add a floating bookshelf next to each bed with a nightlight that way they do not need to get in and out of bed to put their books away. This has turned out to be a GENIUS move.

My girls love for horses runs deep so we decided to go with a horse theme. It was so fun decorating it and making it just perfect for them. I have attached links for all of the items below. Hope you enjoyed!!

Kid’s Bedroom Links

Bunk Bed

Beddy’s Comforters and sheets




Rope Mirror


Cowgirl Sign

Boot Lamp