3 tips wear joggers

Jean Jacket- old (similar) || White tee || Joggers (sold out Abercrombie)|| Tennies

Baby- Overalls || Shirt- old|| Bow || Moccasins

(This is real life…at a photo shoot, changing a poopy diaper, with a coke in hand)

I love to dress up, on occasion. My daily outfit consists of being comfortable. Being that I am a mom of 5 I am usually only going to run errands or head to the grocery nothing to exciting. So this new joggers look is right up my alley. I am constantly running up and down the stairs and carrying one kid on each hip so not feeling too confined is a MAJOR PLUS.

I have had people ask how to make joggers look like you didn’t just roll right out of bed. Here are three tips to make you look fab and feel even better!

#1. Wear with a “dressier” piece…

If you wear like a sweatshirt or something baggy it will make the outfit look more like pajamas then a cute outfit. Since it has been a little chilly I prefer to wear a tight shirt with a jean jacket, leather jacket, or a blazer to pair with it.

#2. Don’t buy a baggy pair…

there are many fitted joggers out there. I have linked many. They will make you look thinner and not slouchy.

#3. Do your hair and makeup…

if you want to look good but feel fabulous you must finish the look. You will look just like you jumped out of bed if you do not do your hair and makeup. If you still want to look fab but don’t have time to do a full hair do throw on an adorable hat and you are looking like a million bucks and feeling it as well.

Now go grab yourself some cute and comfy joggers.