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Cold and flu season is right around the corner, and I’m trying to put up my best defenses. It always seems like one person in our family gets sick, and before we know it everyone in the house is sick. I’m sure you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. Our kids are exposed to so many germs at school, it’s almost inevitable. But prevention is the best medicine!

Practice daily habits of taking vitamins to defend the cold and flu.

I’ve put together a small list of tips to help you fight cold and flu season this year, and how I plan on trying to keep my family healthy. Be sure to read until the end for my super secret weapon against common sickness.


The Importance of Hand Washing

We all know this is the most common way children get colds. They stick their fingers in their mouth, rub their noses, or touch their eyes after cold virus germs have gotten onto their hands. We all hate to admit it, but children don’t wash their hands often or well enough when you’re not looking. To make hand washing more fun, I taught my kids that the appropriate amount of time is singing Happy Birthday twice. Try out a similar option with your kids and you’ll definitely see a difference in enthusiasm.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes, we’re not always in a position where we can wash our hands. Hand sanitizer is a great alternative! I take my kids to get the fun ones that come on a keychain with different colors, patterns, and scents. We have fun picking them out and comparing our choices. I put them on their backpacks and lunch boxes so there’s no excuses for not having clean hands.

Teach Your Kids Germ Etiquette

Of course, you’ve already taught your kids to cover their mouth with the inside of their elbows when they cough or sneeze, but what about other kids that you can’t control? Having your children be aware enough to avoid sick kids in their class when they see them coughing or sneezing helps a ton in preventing sickness! Teach them what signs to look out for so they can be vigilant.

Practice Good Habits

Getting enough sleep, eating well-balanced meals, and getting regular exercise help build a strong immune system. But wanna know my real secret? Immune-boosting daily multivitamins. My favorite are the ones from Rainbow Light, they’re even organic. They’re the best way to stay healthy during cold and flu season. Each vitamin and gummy provides nutrients needed by growing pre-teens and teens.

Rainbow Light has the best pre teen and teen vitamins to prevent cold and flu

We have a chart in the kitchen that reminds my oldest to take them every morning before school. It’s become a fun game for us because it’s an excuse to buy more stickers for our chart! The Gummy Vitamin C Slices are her favorite. The natural fruit flavor is super yummy and doesn’t seem like a yucky vitamin. Rainbow Light even makes vitamins for my husband and I so everyone can be protected from the nasty cold and flu season.


All Rainbow Light products are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners. They Contain no gluten, eggs, milk, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, or shellfish. They’re a choice I can feel good about for my whole family.


Taking Rainbow Light multivitamins and gummies daily is the best way for us to defend ourselves during the dreaded germy months. Make sure to add this line of multivitamins to your fall essentials this year and follow the rest of my tips to stay healthy!


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