2017-06-5 things im doing with my kids this summer

Leggings || Adidas Tee || Converse || Jean Jacket old (similar) || Sunglasses

Charlee: Romper || Shoes || Headband

Heath: Romper || Shoes

Most summers we go all out to fully enjoy our vacations. You know… GO BIG or go home style! This year we have decided to change it up. We are going to be a bit more simple.  I am not too sure if my kids end up saying this is the best or worst summer that they’ve had.  But the reality is that sometimes we need to cut the chaos as well as cut the expenses in the budget.

I have rounded up 5 things that I am going to do with my family that cost very little money but will add quality time together.  These 5 activities seem to be pictured in my mind as perfect bonding events and I hope that they don’t turn out bad.


One day a week we are going to watch an old movie snuggled up on the floor and get out of the heat. Some of those movies on that list are:

Goonies, Back to the Futures, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, Father of the Brides, Princess Bride, Harry and The Hendersons, Parent Trap (not the ones with Lindsay Lohan) to name a few.


Read a family book. I will be honest (other than family scripture reading EVERY day) I do not read much with my children. I know horrible. BUT this summer that will change. I am going to read the Harry Potter series to them.


My family loves games, one night a week will be game night. Through the years we have stocked up on some great board games but life has gotten so busy we don’t pull them out much. Some of our favorites are Tripoley, Zarahemla, many card games, and Sequence.

Night Games are also a family and neighborhood favorite. It gets you meeting and socializing with you neighbors. These are some of my fondest memories as a child. Scott and I also go out watch them and since we go out many other parents go out as well. We bring our chairs to sit and relax. Such a fun time and your children get to see you socialize as well.


I will tell you a little something else about me. You are learning all my bad qualities. I am THE least creative and crafty person on this planet. So I have decided to let Home Depot do the work. They provide workshops for kids and my kids love them. Check out your local hardware stores for times.


I have decided to help my kids help me can some frozen strawberry jam. If you have never done this it is a MUST. You will never buy store bought again, and it is easy. Buy A LOT of strawberries or whatever fruit you enjoy, pectin, sugar, and some Mason jars and you will be in business. Such a win win this will be. You will teach your children how to can, work, and be able to enjoy your end result. I also grab some Rhodes loaves, cook a couple and have hot bread and jam for dinner. Such a fun memory that will last forever.

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2017-06-5 things im doing with my kdis this summer2017-06-5 things im doing with my kids this summer