One thing I have LOVED watching for years is make-up video tutorials. I seriously could watch them for hours on end. You would think I would be an expert, but sadly I’m still an amateur! haha!

I remember my first make-up blog I started following way back in 2012 was Maskcara. She made it so even a person who was clueless about make-up could figure it out! Her tutorials were amazing and I loved everything about her love for wanting to make women feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She’s also a foster care mom which makes me love her even more!

When her Maskcara Beauty line came out I knew I had to try it and it definitely did not disappoint. The IIID Foundation is seriously SOOOOO good!!! You can customize your contour, highlighter, blush and illuminator and it comes in ONE PALETTE! You don’t need to waste your money on foundation, concealer, primer, and a thousand other products! It’s so easy to put on and it looks beautiful, natural, and creates a glowing complexion in minutes.

This is my first make-up video tutorial, so please excuse the bad lighting and the rookie editing, but I’ll get better! I do have fake eyelashes on so it makes my beauty routine much faster. I would highly recommend them! I go on off getting eyelash extensions. When I don’t have them on, I buy the Ardell eyelashes and leave them on for 5-7 days. They are kind of a pain to put on, but once they are on you won’t really have to mess with them for a few days. You will have to glue on a new eyelash or two that has fallen out, but for the most part they stay on pretty well.

Okay now onto my tutorial! I seriously wish the lighting was better, but I’ll figure out this video stuff eventually! Please email me or comment below if you have any questions about the make-up. I’d love to help you. All the make-up is linked below.

5 Minute Make Up Routine

Olive Contour

Sunlit Highlight (under eyes)

Amber Highlight

Nude Lip+Cheek

Honey Illuminator

30 Second HAC Brush

Stay Outside Setting Spray

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