I love my children. But, sometimes they can drive me to the point of a near breakdown. And ain’t nobody got time for that! As Moms we NEED breaks!!! Even when you think you are fine and don’t need one, you FOR SURE DO! Those are the type of mom’s that scare me the most. There’s always a calm before the storm and your emotional breakdown is just right around the corner.

I have heard many moms say they have NEVER hired a babysitter. Wait, whattttt???? Not only is it past time for you to enjoy a night out on the town with your spouse (or even without your spouse), your kids would also like you to boot, scoot and boogey the crap out! They get sick of seeing your face and hearing your voice too!

And moms, PLEASE do not feel bad about leaving your children for some ME time. I have found myself feeling bad way too often, but I’ve realized how much better of a mom I am to my kids when I get a little time away from them. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?? Which leads me to…

5 Reasons Why Moms Need A Break From Their Children:

#1. Your sanity depends on it.

The statement couldn’t be more true when they say “A Happy Wife (or Mom), A Happy Life.” If mama ain’t happy, nobody is! Moms set the tone of the house and our sanity has got to be on point or the whole family will end up on Jerry Springer. You can read my 10 Tips to Keep Your Sanity With Children. It may help you get through your day….or your life 😉

#2. Your relationship with your children.

I find when I get my break away, I am more patient, kind, understanding and forgiving. I’m sure you’ve had many days where your patience level is wearing thin and your children tell you are being mean like a scary witch (true story). And everything your kids do is freaking annoying. That’s when you know mama bear needs a break, and the cubs would also like mama bear to step out of the cave. They will love you so much more when you return with gladness in your heart. 🙂

#3. Your relationship with your spouse.

Okay, this one is so important. How can we build a solid relationship with our spouse if the kitty cats are around ALL THE TIME?!?! Our husbands NEED that alone time with us, (and so do we) without the interruptions of the children. If our marriage is on track and we show our children how much we love and appreciate one another by spending quality time together, our kids will be eternally grateful! Marriage comes first! As mom’s we forget that too often. Yes, our kids require A LOT of our time and attention, but we NEED our relationship with our spouse in order for everyone to be happy. We need to continue to nurture our marriage and our family life will be golden.

#4. It gives you an opportunity to reset.

There have been many times where I wish I could have hit the reset button! I was mean, grumpy, snappy, impatient and just plain rude to everyone! My children, unfortunately, were the recipients of it all. My precious little children didn’t deserve my screaming and yelling. It’s in those moments when I know that all I need is a quick break away. An opportunity to reset, clear my head and take a deep breath and count to 4 (in the words of Daniel Tiger). It sometimes will only take a trip to the grocery store by myself to help me reset. It’s when you are alone, that you realize how stupid you were acting and your mood can quickly change.

#5. It gives you time to focus on yourself.

How can we care for others if we aren’t caring for ourselves? It won’t last long I’ll tell you that! I know many women who go to the gym, go shopping, play tennis, go to book clubs, have girls nights out (so good for the soul) and participate in other activities that don’t involve children. And might I add that they are some of the best mom’s I’ve ever met. I believe we all need to find something that makes us happy that doesn’t involve those precious little stinkers. (I’m still trying to figure that out for myself). It will give us a sense of accomplishment, and not that raising children isn’t a HUGE accomplishment, but it’s a different kind. I once read that part time working moms are the happiest.

So moms, don’t be scurred to get away from your children! Soak up every minute of it, and I promise your kids will be thanking you for it.

xoxo Ashton