Let’s be honest date nights with the hubby are sometimes what get me through the week-something to look forward to.  I start planning my babysitter and which movie the Sunday prior to next Saturday night’s date night.  I actually get giddy to date my husband!  He still makes me feel like I did about him when I was 16, (yes we started dating when I was 16) yes that is WAY too young; thats a whole other post on why you shouldn’t fall in love at 16.  Our dates don’t have to be expensive, or lavish, just a night alone.  When we were younger and poorer our dates would even consist of 7-11 and going up to “make-out point” or just anywhere we could park our car and chit chat, in silence.

Steps to actually making Date Night a priority in your marriage:

  1.  Plan a babysitter a week in advance.  I know everyone has their own opinions on who they will allow to watch their children.  If this is what is holding you back from alone time with your husband, really try and search out in your church, schools, or ask friends who they use, but just find one.  You will try several before you find that MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN between you, your kids, and your sitter.
  2. Find a friend to swap!  If you are frugal or don’t feel that your pocket book can afford to pay a babysitter… find a friend to swap with.  When we were in college we were unable to go out AND pay the babysitter.  We found friends that were in the same circumstances and we swapped nights.  There were no time specifications, we would just put kids to bed at each others houses and enjoy the night!
  3. Plan your adventure prior to.  Our usual date consists of dinner and a movie.  We have tried to make one date night every month or two a little more exciting.  We will try and do a show on the Strip, bowling, concert, or anything that spices things up a little.  But, like I said when the pocket book doesn’t allow, even a drive-thru In-N-Out burger and “make-out point” with no yelling in the background is AH-MAZING!
  4. Schedule a day together.  We like Saturdays because after all day of chores, games, and just trying to keep the kids entertained… we are exhausted and need the night off.  I know many people who desperately need that break after the work week and love Friday nights.  Just PICK a day and GO!making date night a priority in marriage
  5. Home date if nothing else. If you are unable to get out, put the kids to bed early and one of you go grab some take-out and rent a movie on iTunes, play board games (we love Zarahemla), or go lay on a blanket out in the back yard and look at the stars.  Yes, we have done all of these.
  6. Take turns planning!  I love taking turns that way it doesn’t become a burden to one or the other and it spices things up a little.  Now if you have a husband who will call a babysitter, that is awesome; my husband believes that is my job and I am totally ok with it.
  7. Now PLAN that date night! 

“Dating and marriage aren’t final destinations. They are the gateway to where you ultimately want to go.” —Robert D. Hales