Every August we have all seen the aisles at Target and know that back to school is right around the corner!

Where did the summer go? If you are anything like us, you’ve probably been swimming at the pool and consuming more ice cream in the past few months than you have all year!

That’s what summer is for, right?

Whether you have toddlers headed into preschool or the elementary years are already upon you, one thing is certain, getting kids dressed and out of the door, each morning is challenging.  The chaos that comes from morning routines on school days can make even the most organized parent crazy!

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar!  Who hasn’t nagged one child to finish breakfast, all while helping someone else find their shoes and finish their forgotten book report?  Although you are feeling the heat to get everyone out of the door on time, morning routines for kids can be equally as stressful to them.  Do everyone a favor and streamline the first few hours of your day to set your family up for success as they go on with the rest of their day.

Try out these 5 tips to help make your school morning routine as seamless as possible!

Prep EVERYTHING the night before: Being prepared each night gives you that much more time in the morning to wrangle the kiddos who can’t find their shoes. By pre-making lunches, laying out clothes, and packing backpacks, you can guarantee that your kids have a nutritious lunch and aren’t missing any necessities that they need for a successful day of learning. We have gathered 31 EASY Back to School lunch ideas your kids will love. Nighttime preparation gives you buffer in your morning routine for school, helping you to not feel so rushed or stressed while you’re trying to get everyone out of the door.


Coat hooks and Cubbies: It’s no surprise we would suggest this as former teachers, but an organized space near the door, can really help your kids take responsibility for themselves in the morning! Maybe you have the space to create built-in cubbies, but if not find a wall where you can create “cubby” style spaces for each of your kids.  Have a specific hook and or cubby for each child and label it with their name. We also like to have baskets underneath the hooks where we store shoes, hats, gloves etc. This one has worked wonders for my family. 

The best morning routine starts the night before, so make sure they check their cubby space before bedtime.  Their cubbies should house their backpack, jacket, water bottle, and really anything else you may need if you had to “run out the door” at a moments notice.  Once everyone has eaten breakfast, gotten dressed, and is ready to head out the door, all your child has to do is go to their hook to gather their own belongings.

Have a designated space for your kids belongings to make your morning routine for school better.


Checklists: Whether you are 3 years old or 10 years old, checklists are useful tools to keep everyone on track and tame your morning routines. A 3-year-olds checklist may be visual and even interactive since they haven’t learned to read yet, and a 10-year-old’s checklist will be a bit more extensive and maybe listlike, but you get the drift, right?. Find age-appropriate items to include in your checklists that your child can accomplish independently each morning before heading out the door to school. We have used clothespins before, where you move a clothespin to the other ribbon once a task is completed, velcro or magnetic picture charts, and even a good ol’ fashioned list on a whiteboard Whatever works for your family, pick on and give it a try! Checklists around your home serve as a reminder of what kids need to accomplish and allows your child to take ownership of themselves and their things. Raising independent kids is every parent’s DREAM!

Eliminate the Last Minute Scramble: This is easier said than done, right? You had soccer the night before, stayed up late trying to finish a science project only to realize that the math homework wasn’t finished either. This is life, but if you find that you and your children are scrambling to finish up school work often, try rethinking your nighttime routine, so that your morning routines for school aren’t so hectic.

Just think, heading off to work for a huge meeting with the CEO without practicing your presentation will probably trigger more stress than if you had set aside a few minutes to practice the night before. Same goes for kids. Model responsible behavior and teach them to take ownership of their workload and time management.

Practice Positivity: Not a morning person until you’ve had 3 cups of coffee? We get it!

Consider this, you are the first connection your children make each morning. Your interaction will help set the tone for their day. If you are a positive presence to your children before they head out the door, they are more likely to continue their day with a positive mentality!

Now, we aren’t that saying you need to sing a cheery song and entertain them like a circus clown, but a few positive words of affirmation and a calm demeanor will take them a long way! We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed some days, be remembering to greet your children with:

“Good morning, today is a great day to be a great day!”

“See my smile, it’s because you make me a happy person.”, or

“Do you know why this will be a fantastic Tuesday? Well, because today is the day to make a new friend.”

Positivity can be simple, easy, and effective. Lay off the cheese and just be loving and honest with your kids.  A complementary attitude can go a long way, and can even turn the grumpy mood you may be in right around, giving you the positive outlook you need to make your day a success!

Keep these tips in your back pocket to help make your morning routine for school smoother as you are gearing up for back to school. If something isn’t working, ask yourself and your children what is needed to feel help everyone feel successful before heading out of the door.

And yes sometimes even with a routine life is just HARD here are 7 Ways to Be a HAPPIER mom when life just seems overwhelming. 

What are some ways you help your kids to make the morning routine for school as smooth as possible? We’d love to learn clever tips from you too!

About the Author: Jenn & Meghan

In the summer of 2015, Jenn and Meghan co-founded Two Came True, the popular parenting website, where they blog candidly about life as moms raising multiples. parenting, sleep challenges and all things in between.  Parents of multiples often experience unique situations that arise with their kids and oftentimes need different strategies than a parent with a singleton. Slowly, but surely, they have found ways to navigate through their crazy lives with twins. Meghan and Jenn find it to be empowering and inspiring to help other parents of multiples feel that they have someone to relate to!  They are offering an authentic outlet for other twin parents looking to connect and find support through the blog’s informative, relatable, and inspiring content. With their candid, yet positive voice, Meghan, and Jenn have given countless overwhelmed parents the confidence they need to successfully embark on their parenting journey. Jenn and Meghan have been published online by publications including Today, Pregnant Chicken, TwinGo Carrier, Multiples Illuminated and Multiples & More.