I honestly don’t know one person that looks forward to family pictures (My husband LOATHES them). The process of picking out what everybody will wear, getting ready, and not wanting to kill your whole family by the time pictures are over is seriously stressful. But when you get the pictures back it is all worth it! You tend to forget all the screaming and yelling that happened before and during pictures. The process actually reminds me a lot like pregnancy! Ha!

As a blogger, we take pictures A LOT so I have a few tips that I have learned on how to style your family pictures so they turn out perfectly!

1. Choose the Style

Decide whether you want to do dressy or casual pictures. I normally do more casual because that’s what we all feel most comfortable in, but this year I want to switch it up and go more dressy. Choose the vibe you want and go from there.

2. Start With One Outfit

Now that you know whether your going for casual or dressy, choose one outfit that you REALLY love! Whether it be yours or one of your kids. I usually like to work off of my outfit first, because to be totally honest I want my outfit to be bomb.com! Your kids will look cute no matter what you put them in, but in my opinion the mom should be the star! Not too much that you take away from everyone else, but you know what I mean. I mean we are the one that schedules it with the photographer, picks out everyone’s clothes (including our husbands), gets everyone looking photo ready, and makes sure the kids aren’t killing each other by the time it’s over! We deserve it!

So start with one outfit and build from there.

3. Coordinate Colors Without Being Too Matchy

For example, in this family photo (circa 2013) I picked out my outfit first. I knew I wanted everyone to wear fall colors. So I chose colors that coordinated with fall (burgundy, mustard, navy, cream, brown, etc). Try not to have everyone dress in all one color, but rather have colors that coordinate well with one another. If you aren’t sure what colors go with what, here is a great article about the color wheel and which colors compliment each other.

tips to styling your family for pictures

tips to styling your family for pictures

4. Patterns vs. Solids

Pick one or two people (or 2-3 people if you have a larger family) that will be wearing patterns and the rest go for more solid colors. You don’t want your patterns to stand out too much and take away from your faces. Make sure your photographer places the people that are wearing patterns strategically. You don’t want them all bunched together. In the photo above, I decided to wear a plaid blazer and have Londyn wearing a fur vest to add texture and dimension. In the photo below, (and yes I realize I went with the same color scheme, I was pregnant and didn’t have the energy ;)) we had a few more patterns but it didn’t look too crazy because it balanced out with my solid dress, Jon’s solid sweater and Londyn’s solid top.

tips to styling your family in pictures

5. Lay it Out

I lay out all of my family’s outfits to make sure everything coordinates and goes well together. I do it every single time we have family pictures. It helps me to see what to take away or add. It honestly makes the process easier for me. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s worth it especially when you’re paying a pretty penny for pictures.

6. Timeless Over Trendy

I would try and stick with more timeless pieces than trendy. Trendy comes and goes and you don’t want to regret your choices! A couple of trendy options is fine, but balance it out with more timeless options than trendy.

Here are some other examples of how to style your family pictures!

tips to styling outfits for family pictures

Shea went with blues, whites, and pinks. I love how she threw in prints and also added different shades of pink to give it more dimension.

tips to styling your family for pictures

This is my brother and his beautiful family. I love how they went for a more dressy look with blues and whites and added patterns and textures with the lace on Reese’s dress.

tips to styling your family for pictures

This is my beautiful twin sister, Whitnee and her family. She went with browns, blues, and greens. I love the patterns on the boys shirts and the texture of her sweater.

We took this picture for the 4th of July that is why we are in red, white and blue. Otherwise I wouldn’t choose this color scheme. It’s a little too patriotic and I feel it wouldn’t go with a lot of people’s home decor if you are planning on displaying your pictures in your home. I did want to show how we played around with mixing patterns and colors!

This pic is a blast from the past but I still love it so much! Little Londyn at 7 months old!

I hope these tips help you with your upcoming family pictures. God bless you during those stressful times. 😉

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