Everything about a car plus kids equals a total chaotic disaster. It begins with getting your children ready to actually get IN the car. Putting on their socks, shoes, making sure they have gone potty, their bellies are full, not to mention the timing. Because kids taking naps in the car when they aren’t suppose to is a big HE** to the NO. It can all be very dramatic and exhausting, and we haven’t even stepped foot in the car!

Once we have the kids buckled and ready to go, cue the whining and the demands! I never realized how great I was at multitasking until having kids of my own and driving in the car with them. I can drive, put my kids shoes back on for the hundredth time, pass a snack two rows back, and change a diaper all while behind the wheel! (Okay, most of those examples are a bit of an exaggeration). Not to mention the amount of crap, crumbs, toys, gummies, goldfish, and wrappers that are scattered throughout every nook and cranny of your car! It’s all so much fun! 😉

Well I’m here to give you 7 of my BEST Car Mom Hacks to help your car ride nightmare, to be a total dream! Well at least bearable. 😉

Snack Basket

I don’t know about you but my kids are ALWAYS hungry when we get in the car. I always keep a snack basket in my center console or under my seat so it’s convenient for me to grab. The tips for the snacks are SUPER convenient, easy to handle, they do not make a huge mess, and I try to keep them healthy. I have found Walmart carries the Parent’s Choice line of baby snacks. These are quality products at a fraction of the price. My kids are in love with these pouches and now they come in organic.  If you still have babies I would also leave a can of Parent’s Choice formula there is nothing worse than running out of formula. 

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Garbage Can

Between the snacks, entertainment, diapers and wipes, and just plain having kids, there is ALWAYS trash. I have found that a cereal container with a bag inside makes the perfect trash can. It is skinny and has a lid to keep the smell inside.

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Ever since having kids my best friend is wipes. I keep a package of wipes in my car at ALL TIMES. If you are in the diaper stage still, I would also keep a package of diapers. Running out of diapers is NO BUENO!

Phone Mount

I am ALWAYS driving my kids which means I always have precious cargo along with me. Being in the car is also the only time I can actually talk on the phone since I am not doing 50 other things. So a phone mount is my saving grace. I get to chit chat with my mom and sisters, but also not worry about endangering my kids.

First Aid Kit

This is purely just a precautionary measure. I like to buy a simple first aid kit to leave in my car in case of a small accident.

Back Seat Organizer

I swear kids do not understand that when you are driving you can not also turn around completely to hand them something or grab something out of their hands. A back seat organizer is such a fabulous way to cut out so many of the reaching backs that occur. I leave all of my kids favorite toys at the moment, an iPad, drinks, and whatever else they are wanting at the moment in the organizer. I love that it leaves my car feeling much cleaner.

Plastic Sacks

These are great to use for trash, barf bags, dirty diapers, etc. A brilliant way to store them is to use an old Clorox wipes container. It keeps them contained and easy to store them in your car.

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