Having 3 kids and 2 of them being toddlers and only 13 months apart, life can seem overwhelming. The guilt people, the GUILT alone is overwhelming and can put anyone down in the dumps. The problem with us as mothers is that we think we have to be happy 100% of the time, which is absolutely ridiculous because that’s just not realistic.

Valecia Price-Beckham summed up motherhood perfectly when she said, “Being a wife and mother isn’t easy. You gotta cook, clean, not kill your offspring, drop it like it’s hot on request, coupon, budget funds, feed the baby, go to doctors appointments, wash your butt, deep condition your hair, drink water, eat your fruits and vegetables, survive off 35 seconds of sleep, keep your base boards clean, wash clothes, wash dishes, keep your skin clear, highlight and contour, clothe your children, praise God, exercise, have legit eyebrows, teach your children, look good and read books.”

How true is all of that though?! Sometimes it just makes me laugh because what else can you do?! “You can either laugh or cry and I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.”-Margorie Hinckley

Here are my simple ways to be a happier mom when life seems to overwhelm you. Yes, I promise they are simple because we don’t have the time or energy to take on one more thing! And remember, that even the happiest of moms still have unhappy moments.

#1. Pray/Meditate

I generally start my day off with a morning prayer. It sets the tone for my entire day. I pray for others, our family, remember everything I’m grateful for and everything I have been blessed with. If you can start your day with a prayer, meditation, a spiritual thought or an inspiring quote, it will give you those positive vibes that you need to take on your day. I promise you this works and I’ve seen the blessings that come through prayer.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much happier I am when I wake up before my children. I’m actually excited to see them in the morning when I get them out of bed as opposed to them dragging me out of bed. You guys, the silence of the house in the morning is so wonderful and peaceful. You can lay in bed or get up and get going on your endless list of tasks. Either way, I promise you this has been a game changer for me. My attitude is completely different and I feel like I can conquor the heaping pile of laundry that is waiting for me and do it with a SMILE! 😉

#3. Get in a Good Amount of Zzzzz’s

Now you won’t be able to do #2 if you don’t do #3. I’ve tried this many times and have failed miserably. Try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. I know with newborns or other situations that this sometimes isn’t possible, but get as much sleep as you can! Sleep is so good for your body but also your mind. We need it to function and to not turn into the wicked witch of the west. I am so much happier and more pleasant to be around when I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep. My kids and husband are actually not afraid of me. 😉 And I don’t want to hurt them. 😜

#4. Just Breathe

Like the wise Faith Hill once said…Just Breathe! When I literally can’t stand the sight of my children’s faces or voices any longer, I go and lock myself in the bathroom and BREATHE! Seriously, take a big breath, hold it for 3 seconds and then let it all out. Or sometimes I’ll chant to myself, “You love your kids so much, you love your kids so much, you love your kids so much…” Haha whatever works right?! Sometimes all we need to stay happier and not feel overwhelmed by their GIGANTIC messes, is a little time to ourselves. If that means 5 minutes in the bathroom or a weekend getaway, either one will work!

#5. Comparison is the THIEF of JOY

This one is SO hard, but nothing will make you feel more unhappy than when you start comparing yourself, children, husband, etc. to others. If this means getting off social media, DO IT! I have to tell myself all the time to stop comparing, be grateful, to forget about myself and go SERVE others! When serving others you realize how blessed you are and what truly matters in life. There is an amazing website called JustServe.org where you can find opportunites in your own community to serve.


#6. Work it Out

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times that exercising gives your body endorphins, which is a chemical that helps with stress and it also makes you feel happier and at ease. Well it’s true! I’m not saying you have to run 5 miles a day in order for you to be happy. But I did recently get a gym membership and the way my body and mind feel is a total difference and I’ve only been doing it for a week! Plus, I get time away from my kids that I didn’t get before and I’m getting healthier. There are PLENTY of other ways you can get those endorphins without going to the gym. You can have family dance parties, long walks outside, playing tag with your kids, etc. Do what works for YOU!

#7. Look Your Best

When I get ready for the day, I feel a million times happier about myself. I don’t have to look like I’m going to a photoshoot, but I do like to put on a cute outfit, a little make up and my hair done. Your mood and attitude changes immediately when you spend a little time on yourself. You feel more motivated and productive and can more easily take on the challenges that come your way. Which as a mom, we run into those situations every hour! I love this adorable dress from Piper and Scoot. They have amazing clothes at such great prices for moms who go to work or stay at home. We all deserve to look good even if all we do is dry tears and wipe bums all day!

(Piper looks so thrilled to be taking pictures ;))

I hope these 7 suggestions I’ve found in my own life will help you with the overwhelm of motherhood. I’d love to hear any other advice that works for you! Leave a comment below!

xoxo Ashton