9 tips for Instagram

Instagram is a whole other crazy world that can be quite intimidating and frustrating! Trying to build a brand and figure out what works and what doesn’t is what we are constantly trying to stay on top of. Here are 9 tips we have found to be helpful in the last 9 months since we started Million Ways to Mother.

#1. CONSISTENCY.  Try to post around 1-2 pictures a day around the same time each day.  Tip #6 will explain when the best time will be for you and your followers to post.  I once heard Facebook explain that for the best results you should only be posting 1-2 photos a day on Instagram and the rest should be on Instastories.

#2. QUALITY PHOTOS (but also real life photos).  Companies as well as followers love to see quality photos.  But at the same time they want to see you in real life doing real life things.  We NEVER post in real time.

#3. HASHTAGS.  Find hashtags in your niche.  Save a group of them into your notes and post in your first comment no more than a minute after you have posted your picture.  You can post up to 30 hashtags.  Don’t use the most popular hashtags, it will make it hard to get in the top 9 for that specific hashtag.

#4. Liking others and engaging with your followers.  Respond back to those who have commented.  An easy way to do this is to leave a question for your followers to answer in your caption. Also, comment on other bloggers photos in your niche. That way your name gets seen more.

#5. GIVEAWAYS (loop giveaways and personal giveaways)-  a great way to gain followers as well as promote another company’s product.  A win win for both.  You can find loop giveaways in your search on Instagram. Just search loop giveaways.

#6. RESEARCH when your followers are most engaging.  If you haven’t signed up for a business Instagram be sure to do so and they will give you your analytics and stats.  Pay close attention to those weekly.  You will get a much better idea of what is working and what isn’t.

#7. COMMENT PODS.  Find a group of people in your niche, up to 15, and like and comment on each others Instagram posts.  People tend to comment more if they see others.  Also it is a great way to support other bloggers as well as not getting your picture lost in your follower’s feeds.

#8. PROFILE.  When people visit your profile they want to know who you are in your bio and in your first 6 pictures on Instagram.  Make sure those reflect each other.

#9. TAG. Tag products you are wearing or using in your post. You may even get reposted on their page and get more exposure and more followers.

There are SO MANY other tips and tricks for Instagram! We just skimmed the surface and we are constantly learning new things every day. Try not to get frustrated and stick with it! It’s all about ENDURANCE!

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xoxo Ashton & Shea