Dear Mother,

You are BEAUTIFUL, HILARIOUS, DRIVEN, HARD WORKING, FULL OF WISDOM and FULL OF ADVICE.  You will give advice whether we have asked for it or not. You are SMART. You have convinced all of us that you are in the top 2 percentile of geniuses. So in other words, YOU ARE HUMBLE. You have taught us so many things growing up. You taught us the value of HARD WORK. Every Saturday morning at 7:00 AM we were woken up by your dancing and singing at the top of your lungs!! It drove us crazy!! Even if we were at sleepovers you would say to us, “You better be in the driveway at 7 AM before I get there! Don’t make me come in there and get you!” Was it maybe a little much? Probably. Will we do the same with our own children? ABSOLUTELY.

When dad finished building the office suites, you and dad decided to have us kids clean the office building instead of hiring someone else to clean it before the tenants moved in. It was terrible. We were teenagers and we knew that in the past you and dad had typically hired a professional cleaning crew to do this part. We were furious that we had to spend our Saturday cleaning this office building because we thought that our parents were being too cheap to just hire someone else. And we will never forget that teaching moment. As much as we hated to admit it, we were grateful that you cared about us enough to teach us the importance of hard work and saving your pennies. We remember plopping ourselves down on the couch exhausted and feeling accomplished after a long few hours of hard work. We actually felt pretty good about ourselves and the way we spent our day.

Mother, you taught us to NEVER GIVE UP and to TRY TRY AGAIN. There were so many times we wanted to quit the piano. 6 days a week from ages 8-18 we would practice. There were many arguments, fights and knock down drag outs, but you were persistent and we can’t thank you enough for making us stick with it all those years.

Mother, you taught us SERVICE. We remember when we were younger and we were constantly seeing you serving others. Cooking dinners for other people, calling other ladies from our church just to see how they were doing. Giving people your TIME and a LISTENING EAR. We remember one time you took us to a woman’s house and told one of us to drop an envelope off at her doorstep, ring the door bell and to run as quickly as we could and get back in the car. You never told us what was in the envelope, but we knew that woman was in financial need and needed some extra help. You are an example of endless love and service.

Mother, you taught us to be FRUGAL. We were only allowed to order a kids meal everywhere we went until we got married and off the payroll. You were always watching your pocket book (and probably our waistlines too) and teaching us the value of a dollar. SAVE SAVE SAVE you would say. You and dad were well off, but anyone who knew you wouldn’t know it. You had us kids decked to the nines everyday. Hair done, bow on, and outfits ironed and tidy. We looked like we stepped out of a magazine, but what no one knew was that our outfits were usually from KMART, WALMART, and MERVYNS. Now don’t get me wrong, you always wanted us to look our best at all times. But, you didn’t need to spend a lot of money in order to do so.  You also showed such RESPECT for dad that you didn’t want to waste away his hard earned money.

You taught us to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Mom, you were loved by EVERYONE. You are always so complimentary, and can make the most insecure person have confidence. You are always including and can make someone feel like they are the most important person in the room. I remember when I was in junior high and high school and being a little embarrassed by the ladies you chose to be good friends with. It was always the person who didn’t have any friends, not a lot of money and was just “uncool.” I remember thinking….why can’t my mom be better friends with so and so? They are always doing fun things and everybody loves them. Now that I’m older, that is one of my favorite qualities of my mother.

You show a Christ like love to everyone.

Mother, you taught us the POWER OF PRAYER. We remember so many times as children and up into our adulthood walking into your room and seeing you kneeling at your bedside. We would sometimes listen and hear you pleading with our Father in Heaven to bless someone less fortunate, someone who had fallen astray from the gospel, to help a child with a test in school or comfort a widow who was lonely.  You had faith in HIM and taught us no matter how big or small the issue, we could always pray to our Heavenly Father and he would LISTEN and ANSWER OUR PRAYERS.

Mother, you taught us the IMPORTANCE OF SCRIPTURE STUDY. Every morning we would and go into your room immediately after waking up. Without a doubt, every morning, you would have your big scriptures laying across your lap and were studying them. We knew at a young age how important they were to you and the answers and blessings you would receive from studying them. Mom, you would read the scriptures to us every morning growing up.  DEDICATION and PERSERVERANCE are two things we learned from this.  You persevered even after all the fighting and complaining.  In high school it was always before we would go to seminary (church class before school). You would greet us with a HOT TOWEL from out of the dryer after we had showered, bring us breakfast in bed and would read the scriptures to us while we ate. In the winter time, you would start up the car so it would be nice and warm when we got in and heated our mittens on the oven door so that our hands wouldn’t be cold on the steering wheel. Yep, YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH AMAZING (and yes, I grew up here in VEGAS!)

Mother, you are always in tune with your children. You have always known your priorities and responsibilities as a mother and treasured us. Every decision we make whether it big or small, we always ask ourselves, “What would MOTHER do?”

You will have no problem when you enters those pearly gates. Our Savior will look at you and smile and say, WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.


Your Daughters