Who else is SO ready for summer??  Or who is stressing over what to do with your kids now that they will be with you ALL DAY EVERYDAY?  I have a great way to keep you just busy enough to keep you sane and your kids happy, and yet not overwhelmingly busy and still able to have many lazy days to do NOTHING.  My sister in law started this many years ago when her kids were younger.  She would invite all her friends and her kids’ friends.  And the invite list got larger and larger when the news started getting out.  It is genius and so much fun.  I copied her tradition and started doing it with my kids about 3 years ago.  You pick activities during the summer that start with the letters of the alphabet.  They can be expensive things or free things.  Some days we would get really crazy and do like 3-5 things that all began with that letter and some days were simple and only 1 fun activity.  Since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, you get to break them up over the whole summer and the kids get super excited when that special day rolls around.  You also don’t get burnt out!  I will be doing it this summer so make sure you follow along with me on our Instagram @millionwaystomother.  Also for more ideas you can check out my sister-in-law’s Instagram where she has posted previously to @abcadventureslv.  If you happen to post on Instagram some of your activities in your ABC’s of summer make sure to hashtag millionwaystomother and that way you also give others some ideas.  I will also share on my blog some of my favorites!


Here are a few pics from previous years to give you an idea:


“T” day! Top of the mountains, made Teepees, and Talked around a fire.

“L” day! Lemonade Stand and Laid back.


“N” day! Night games.  This is my daughter hiding in a tree.


“F” day! Forts.IMG_1463

“E” day! Experiments and and had Eggs.IMG_1457 IMG_1453 IMG_1452

“D” day! Drive-in movie.


“C” day! Cottonmouth, coral, and copperhead snakes and crushing jaws! (at a museum in town) And then some delicious Chilis with our Cousins!


“B” day! Bounce U, Burger King, and our friend Barons Birthday!IMG_1306

“H” day! Hiked to the Hoover Dam in the Heat!IMG_1327

Now start planning your ABC adventures of Summer!  Invite friends or keep it small, but just make it a summer to remember!

xoxo Shea