Million Ways to Mother‘ started from the many ways that I have mothered:  biological mother, foster mother, and adoptive mother.  That struck me how many different kinds of mothers there are in life.  There are birth mothers who have placed babies up for adoption.  Aunts, grandmas, or friends who are “mothering” someone else’s child.  Women who are longing to be mothers; mothers of angel babies, mothers who are struggling with kids so close, and so many more.  We all are struggling or know someone struggling in some regards with mothering, but at the same time mothering is the greatest calling in this life.


Foster Care and Adoption is near & dear to my heart.  It is my hope to spread the goodness and wish that all of us will become an advocate for these innocent children.  November is Foster Care Awareness Month!  There are over 114,000 children in the US Foster Care system that are available for adoption.  These children entered foster care through no fault of their own; as victims of child abuse, neglect or abandonment AND their parents’ legal rights have been terminated.  It is my prayer that we are able to touch just one person to open their heart to becoming a Foster Parent or even Adoption through Foster Care.  It is mind-blowing to hear that each year more children enter ‘the system’ than are adopted.

Current Facts of the U.S. Foster Care System:

  • The average age of these children is 8.
  • Many have been separated from siblings.
  • These children move in & out of homes on an average of 3 times.
  • Most will wait on average 5 years to be adopted.
  • YET, tens of thousands never get adopted and age-out of the system without a family to legally call their own.

We will be featuring parents hoping to adopt.  I know there are so many amazing people out there who are looking and searching for “their” baby… as was I.   We want to hear from parents that have adopted or are Foster Parents.  We are also looking for stories of birthmothers to feature who may have placed a child for adoption.  They have a story to tell.  What a selfless act on their part!  They are adoptive parents’ greatest blessings.  We need to learn to be advocates for the birthmothers and the heart wrenching selfless act they give.  I feel that before this life on Earth… actually… I know that before this life on Earth that Heath & Charlee’s birthmother and I had an agreement that she would birth them, and that she knew that she wouldn’t be able to for care them.  But that I would step-in and be their mother who raises them.

dsc_3740adoption pic 1

Let’s spend November by CELEBRATING through sharing and SHINING the light on some of our friends who have adopted, fostered, looking to adopt, and who have so bravely placed their children up for adoption.  If you or you know someone who fits these categories and would be open to sharing please let us know at [email protected]!!

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