Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be a mother. I knew it would bring great love and deep purpose into my life. What I didn’t know was how bumpy and long my road to motherhood was going to be. And how it may look a little different to some.

My husband and I tried to start a family for a couple years before we sought medical help. We were tested and doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with the both of us, ruling our infertility unexplained. It was a relief to know there was nothing seriously wrong, yet it was super frustrating because we had no idea why we weren’t having any luck at becoming parents and we didn’t have an exact problem to fix. We tried two procedures six months between one another and both were unsuccessful.

It was a really hard time for us. We were usually optimistic and loved celebrating life’s little moments but during that time, things were really dark and unknown. To us, there was nothing to celebrate and nothing to look forward to. We felt like our life was on pause and we didn’t have the answers to all of the questions we were asking. We, including the doctors, couldn’t put a finger on what exactly the reason was. That is until our hearts turned to adoption and our Mia was born. She is the reason.

As soon as we started the adoption process, we felt lighter, we felt we were in the right place. And as soon as we were matched with Mia’s birth mom, we started celebrating again. She picked us early on in her pregnancy so we were able to celebrate each doctor’s appointment, celebrate her gender reveal, celebrate picking her name, celebrate meeting her birth mom for the first time. And the minute I watched that baby girl enter this world, the biggest celebration began and we haven’t stopped celebrating!!

We now celebrate each milestone that other families may not celebrate like her adoption finalization, our family being sealed in the temple, our family birthday, National Adoption Day, Birth Mother’s Day, the anniversary of our adoption match along with the usual milestones of her first tooth, first steps, first haircut, and first words. We also celebrate the little moments we feel are super special with our daughter like eating ice-cream together in the backyard, hearing her mumble as we put her down to bed, taking our Sunday family pictures together, and watching her play with the family dog, for these moments wouldn’t have been possible without adoption. Adoption has given us so many reasons to celebrate and count our blessings! It makes perfect sense to us now that we would become parents through the gift of adoption.

Adoption itself should be viewed as a celebration! A celebration of selflessness, sacrifice, love, and dreams coming true!

So although the adoption process may be long, emotional, and demanding, don’t forget to celebrate the milestones along the way! The paperwork, the background checks, the home study, and the hours of communicating with potential birth parents are all milestones to be celebrated and remembered for it’ll bring you the greatest joy you’ll ever know!”

I have also shared our story in parts, along with each part in our birth mom’s perspective if y’all would like to check that out . Our family blog where I’ve written the story in more detail is jokinwiththejohnsons.blogspot.com

Xoxo, Claire Johnson and I am a proud adoptive mama of my precious gift, Mia.

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