Being a mom is hard work. You need to teach your children how to be responsible and prepare them for adulthood, but also give them a wonderful childhood. As a mom, it can be challenging to sort out appropriate chores for kids by age, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach them the value of hard work and provide them with a way to earn some money with which to learn fiscal responsibility.

What To Consider When Choosing Chores For Kids

Nothing is more frustrating than doing something you’re not good at, so the first thing to do is consider what your child is able to do. While it’s important to have age appropriate chores for kids, it’s also important to consider other factors, as well.

Choose Chores For Kids By Ability

Some three-year-olds, for example, will be great helpers alongside mom at pairing socks while some will be able to put their own clothes away. In addition to knowing what is typical for a certain age, you do need to teach them well and use understanding in learning what’s best for them.

Choose Chores For Kids By Maturity

Another consideration is maturity. Some children are easily overwhelmed and some thrive with structure and direction. Keep in mind the things that they are good at, the things you’ve already taught them well, and also tasks that help stretch their abilities. But also remember not to exasperate them. It’s a balance, and one you’ll figure out as you go along.

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How To Teach Your Children To Do Age-Appropriate Chores: Show & Tell

Teaching kids to do chores by age isn’t a quick process. First, you need to show them how to do it. Next, you need to do it with them. Then, you need to observe them doing it. Lastly, you need to check on it each time they do it and offer gentle correction as needed.

Christy of Productive Mommies has a great 5-step system laid out for this and a marvelous free worksheet you can use to implement her system for teaching chores for kids by age.

The Happy Housewife also shares an exhaustive list of suggested chores for kids by age. Pair that with this free printable from Printable Crush for a great system.

What Mommy Does points out that kids learn a lot by doing chores, with responsibility being only one benefit. In addition to sharing 10 chores your kids can do, Lena also inspires us with 6 things we need to remember while training children to do chores (#6 is keeping your own attitude pleasant while you do your work; great reminder!).

How to earn money as a kid? Age Appropriate chores

In addition to doing chores because they are a part of the family, it’s also nice for children to earn a commission on their chores. This helps teach them how to balance saving, spending, and giving as well as associate work with money.

One thing to consider is that some chores happen because you’re a part of the family, and others are “extras.” When you get out of your bed, it’s a great idea to make it. Helping set the table is also a way to contribute to the family. But kids also need to learn the value of hard work and the idea of exchanging work for profit.

Sometimes it’s fun to get your young ones a work apron or child-sized tools. That ownership can encourage them to want to be even more helpful!

Here are some great examples of chores for commission by age.

Chores For Younger Elementary Age

  • Weeding a flower bed
  • Pulling rocks/sticks out of the yard and putting them in a pile
  • Dusting shelves
  • Sweeping the porch or front steps

Chores For Upper Elementary Age

  • Raking the yard
  • Helping dig a garden and set in plants
  • Cleaning windows and window sills, dusting blinds
  • Cleaning and vacuuming the family vehicle

Chores For Tweens

  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Dusting heat/air vents and light fixtures
  • Mowing the yard
  • Helping with larger household projects such as cleaning the basement

4 Tips To Introducing New Chores To Your Kids

The best way to introduce the ideas of chores to your children is to have them start by your side when they are little. However, if you are starting when they are older, here are some tips.

Be Excited About The Opportunity For Them

Think about it ahead of time. Print out a chore chart, explain the system, and offer a reward. Start by doing it together and discuss the value that task provides for the family.

While it might not be exciting to clean out the car, it’s nice to have a clean car

to drive places in. Sometimes children need help seeing the bigger picture, and everyone likes knowing they are contributing something of value to the world.

If it’s a paid chore, share with them how wonderful it is to be able to save money, give to a cause, and also have spending money.

Clearly Teach Them

The hardest thing to do sometimes is to teach your children how to do something. It often takes way more time than just doing it yourself. But it’s an investment in their future and well worth your time, momma.

Slow down and show them how you do something. Take the time to talk through the steps, even the ones that might seem obvious to you. Ask if they have any questions.

The next time, have them help and repeat yourself again. Teaching them well will help alleviate challenges and frustrations when they are doing it independently.

Set Realistic Expectations

In addition to choosing age-appropriate chores for kids and ability and maturity appropriate chores, also make certain they have the necessary amount of time to complete the assigned task. Being rushed at somethign that requires focus and effot because it is new will end up in tears or hurt feelings more likely than not.

Praise Them For Their Efforts

Just as you would expect a child to thank you for doing something kind for them, it’s important to show them gratitude as they start to contribute. If the situation arises, it’s also nice to point out to others what a great job your child has done. Excellence should always be appreciated!

The Benefit Of Age Appropriate Chores

The benefits of implementing a chore system in your home are going to be worth the effort it takes to establish one.

Children who do chores are often more appreciative of their parent’s efforts in the home and even at work. Also, they have a vested interest in caring for the home and their belongings. Responsibility, conscientiousness, and gratitude are wonderful gifts to give your children and having them do age-appropriate chores will help instill these values.

Free Printable Chore Chart

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