Kayli has been through a lot through out her life. We were blessed to know her growing up. We used to babysit her darling children. I have always thought of Kayli as one of the strongest women I know. Through out her life she has been knocked down time and time again, but no matter what life brought her she always got back up and moved forward with faith. Her book tells of her inspiring life story. I would recommend everyone to read it. She is an amazing friend, woman, and mother. We love you Kayli!


If God gives trials to those he loves, then I am his favorite!

For everyone, life is one big adventure. For some, maybe it is more like a movie. I have always envied those that experience the “romantic-comedy” as that is much more like my personality. For me however, it has been a mix of almost everything. It started out as a horror flick, moving to drama and action, then more drama and adventure, drama again mixed with comedy, romance and oops-we went foreign for a moment. What we can all agree on is that good or bad, every experience slowly molds us into who we are today.

My life has been much, much, (did I say MUCH?) more than I expected, planned on or bargained for. If you would have told me about my future life at the age of 13, I probably would have jumped off a cliff and saved myself the agony. Well, I am still here and as much as I wouldn’t want to experience most of it again, I LOVE who I am and the person God slowly molded and shaped me to be.

My life has never been dull or boring no matter how much I plead for it, stomped my feet or how many tantrums I threw.

Many, many friends starting when I was a teenager have told me to write a book because my life was so “incredible”, “inspirational”, “unbelievable”, “shocking”, “tragic”, “fantastic”, “Hollywood couldn’t even make this stuff up!” After years of hearing the same several things, I finally sat down and began to write starting with the horror story. I didn’t realize with all of the craziness and all of the ups and downs that my life WAS and IS nuts! This is no ordinary life. I always ached to fit in and be normal but now I have embraced the craziness of what was and is my life.

The question to myself was, “If God doesn’t hate me, then what does this all mean?” I realized that through all of my experiences I have an incredible gift of understanding people and their trials. I also have slowly had the veil to the hereafter become thinner and thinner as I have developed closeness and trust in God that is immovable and unwavering. When you understand truly who you are and why you are here on earth your hope and belief in Heaven and God turn into faith and then knowledge. That’s it! Once you know, you CANNOT un-know! Miracles begin to happen, (well- that is a gift God gave to me) and I have seen and experienced incredible things that have no earthly explanation. That, my friends, is my book and my life.

One experience from my book that I’d like to share is called “Encounter With an Angel.”

A very interesting thing happened to me one day. I was very pregnant with my first child and working full-time while my husband went to school. Every day I walked with coworkers to the exact same place to eat for lunch. One day as we approached there was what appeared to be a homeless man sitting right outside the door against the building. He was truly in rags—one of the worst cases of homelessness I had ever seen. He was so incredibly thin he had to have bones showing. He wore no shoes, was completely filthy, his hair was in knots, and the rags he wore would hardly be considered clothing. The lunch place, however, was busy and bustling with tons of professional people going in and out. The line was almost outside as many people paused right next to the bum and waited for room to step inside the building.

I watched as everyone treated him as invisible, ignoring the needy man. I had never seen him there before and wondered where he came from. A male coworker walking with us, fearing the man, told me to be careful and walk on the other side of him. I said I was fine and continued closer. He wasn’t begging or asking for anything. He just sat there. As we were about to go in, I reached into my purse, pulled out the little money I had, and handed it to the man for lunch. He reached and lightly grabbed my hand as to hold it, looked up into my face and said, “Thank you.”  As he looked into my eyes, I saw the Savior. His eyes were the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. I fell into them. I could see Heaven and angels in them. The color of what looked to be blue was radiant as if he had swallowed the sun. I gasped as I stepped back, pulling my hand away in complete unworthiness to be in his presence. He was so incredibly beautiful.

My coworkers missed the whole experience. One scolded me for giving him money and another thought he had hurt me and asked if I was okay. I couldn’t tell them what I had just witnessed, thinking they would think I was crazy. I never saw him again nor have I stopped thinking about him twenty years later.

Since that experience I believe, truly believe, the Savior comes to every single one of us somewhere and sometime in our life. I also believe we will be responsible for the handling of that situation. Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)

“My Soul To Keep”

By Kayli Coffman