Are you looking to start babysitting, have a child about to start babysitting, or have been for awhile? We have the best babysitting tips and a kit every babysitter needs.

Do you have children at the babysitting age? Do you teach a group of babysitting age girls such as Young Women’s or Activity Days? If you were able to say yes to any of those questions than this post is for you!

I have had my fair share of babysitters in my life, almost one every weekend for 11 years. I have seen some excellent and some terrible babysitters. Like for instance one girl looked at her phone as I was telling her my schedule for the evening. Another left my daughter’s clothes, shoes, and bow in for bed at night, and MANY who never cleaned up one thing. Hence, the reason for the babysitting tips and kit.

I have trained my daughters to be some of the best babysitters. Please teach your children how to communicate with the adults and respect. I believe all mothers need a night off (and if you need date ideas head here I make my husband take me out once a week) and not have to come home to continue cleaning or putting kids to bed. I have expect my babysitters and now my daughters to clean up after themselves and the children but to go the extra mile and continue cleaning after the children are asleep. You are still on the clock!

I am the Activity Day leader (leader over girls 8-11) in my church and I decided these girls who will soon be getting called to babysit needed a course in being a good babysitter. Start them young so you do not have to teach an old dog new tricks. When the Young Women leader (girls 12-18) heard about my lesson they asked me to teach it to their girls.

If you have children getting ready to babysit teach your child how to put on a diaper. We forget that these things don’t just come naturally. Teach your children how to make a couple of easy meals. This will help them feel comfortable getting the kids they are babysitting their meals. Here is a list of quick and easy meals for babies and toddlers

How Old Do You Have to Be to Babysit?

There is actually no law that states what age you have to be to babysit. (Per The parents are allowed to decide how old they want their babysitter to be.

Parents may consider…

  • your age and maturity
  • your experience as a babysitter
  • the age and number of their children
  • how long you will be babysitting (a few hours, one evening, overnight)
  • whether you can handle any special needs of the children

Parents have a responsibility to…

  • choose a suitable babysitter for their children
  • give you instructions on how to care for their children
  • make sure their house is safe, for example, no broken stairs, fire traps or dangerous materials in the house
  • be home at the stated time or phone to let you know they will be late
  • give you instructions on how to deal with anyone who telephones or comes to the door

Red Cross has a class that your babysitter can sign up for to have a more in depth lesson on emergencies HERE.     

Grab all of your babysitting tips, kits, and questions here.

Babysitting Kit

So to begin being prepared beforehand can make the job much smoother. I had each girl (and my girls) prepare a babysitting bag. Inside I included:

Babysitting Tips

After they put together their bags then go over a few pointers to make sure they are the BEST babysitter and make lots of moolah.

  1. Leave the home cleaner than it was left
  2. Clean up after meals
  3. PLAY with the children. Here are some great ideas!
  4. Be kind (you want the kids to look forward to seeing you)
  5. DO NOT be on your phone (it is only for emergencies and contacting the parents)
  6. Be Respectful
  7. Make sure to fill out the Checklist form before the parent leaves.
  8. EARN your pay!

Now either you or your babysitter are prepared and ready to start earning some dough! (wink wink).

Let me know if you have any other great babysitting tips or tricks.