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It is almost that time of year dun, dun, dun…..BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I know half of you are going to be screaming with your hands waved above your head FREEEEEDDDDDDOM, FREEEEDDDDOOOMM and the other half aren’t entirely sure they are ready. If you ask me at this point (kids fighting in the background, 25 spills, dirty pigsty of a house) I will be doing the first. I will be gaining a little sanity back.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Prior to this excitement comes a whole heck of a lot of preparing. I take each of my kids out to buy clothes and make a date of it with lunch. Make sure bikes are prepped with full tires, helmets fit, house is stocked with school lunch food and the ever dreaded school supplies lists that never end. Not to mention the crowds of insanity fighting for that last tube of Elmer’s glue. Then I found and my life was changed. They do all the work for you and ship it directly to your house. Glorious I tell you, GLORIOUS!!! makes it a much smoother and more convenient way to receive your school supplies during your busy summer schedule. My husband has ALWAYS had the motto “Work smarter, NOT harder!” and this completely makes that come to pass. It is a three simple step process

  1. Find. Head to the website. Find your child’s school. Your specific list for that grade level and school will pop up.
  2. Buy. Pick which store (ex. Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Jet) you want to purchase from and hit BUY.
  3. Receive. WALA it shows up to your door and off your child heads to school.

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If your child’s list is not posted you can sign up to be alerted when your list has been posted. It doesn’t get much better than this. Once you choose your store you will be automatically redirected to that site and all of your necessary items will be added to their cart. Through Walmart and Target you can choose to either pick up from store or have it delivered. All of my dreams have come true (wink wink) but seriously this is a mother’s dream. Let help to simplify the overwhelm of motherhood.

Visit for a quick and convenient way to shop for your child’s school supplies.

Feeling overwhelmed right about now? head HERE.

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