We can all agree that keeping our children safe is one of our top priorities as parents. When those little stinks start exploring on their own and crawling and climbing all over the place, things can get a little more chaotic and stressful, this is when you will need a baby gate. We are constantly making sure they aren’t going to fall off anything or climb on things they shouldn’t. Especially the STAIRS!!!

My 11 month old is at that exact stage where he is starting to climb up the stairs but has no idea how to get down. There have been many close calls with him tumbling down the stairs. He is also at that stage where he freaks out when I leave the room. So if I quickly run to go grab something upstairs/downstairs, he wants to follow me.

baby gate

The Stair Barrier– Modern Grey

That’s why I was so glad when The Stair Barrier contacted us! It’s like they were reading my mind. đŸ™‚

Finding baby gates was always a pain because most of them do not work with a wall on one side and a banister on the other. (which is how my stairs are) The Stair Barrier has a line of baby barriers designed for stairways that have two banisters and also stairways that have a single banister and a wall. BINGO! Also, baby gates can be such an eyesore, but The Stair Barrier has so many options of colors and sizes! So they don’t make your house look hid! Win Win!

I also love them for the following reasons:

  • Focus on Safety
  • Easy Installation with Kit Included
  • Minimal Drilling
  • Easy Roll to the Side Functionality
  • Durable and Sustainable Upholstery Fabric
  • All Products Proudly Made in the USA

baby gate

And if you’re kids are grown and you don’t think this is for you, it can also be used for PETS! Or to keep your husband out! đŸ˜‰ But seriously, it’s a GREAT product and I definitely recommend it. It’s been fabulous in our home and I can now run upstairs without having to worry that my little man is going to follow me!

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