We are turning into a complete and total digital age. Technology is literally at our fingertips every single day, multiple hours a day! It really is so amazing, but it can also be harmful, especially when it comes to our children.

They are exposed to much more “worldly things” than I ever was exposed to as a child. It can be damaging, but it can also be wonderful! They have so many fantastic apps out there for kids to learn from, sing, color, draw, etc.! And the parental controls keep getting better and better.

It’s almost impossible for us to keep phones and tablets away from our children. In that case, I try (notice my emphasis on try) to have them watch educational apps.

One of my favorite learning apps my kids have recently been into is called Kidloland.


It has everything you could possibly want within a kids app. My 1 year old and 5 year old play on this app together all the time and it keeps them entertained for at least 20 min. Just enough time to get myself looking half way decent for the day 😉

It has a lot of free features, but the best parts of the app are accessed with a subscription. And trust me, it’s 100% worth it. Whatever keeps your kids entertained AND learning at the same time is worth the little extra money. Am I right, or am I right??

My 1 year old is already counting to 5 and is trying to say her ABC’s! She’s a genius I tell you! 😉

Some of the free features include:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • ABC songs
  • Vehicles
  • Animals
  • Fruits
  • Games/Activities

Paid features include:

  • Lullabies
  • Months of the Year
  • Shapes
  • Insects
  • Vegetables
  • Birds
  • Water Animals
  • Animal Sounds
  • Christmas songs
  • Additional Nursery Rhymes

You can grab Kidloland Here for iOS, Here for Google, or Here from Amazon.

Another one of my faves is called Endless Alphabet. This one is awesome for kids to learn their letters and sounds. Londyn has loved this one since she was 2 years old!

We also love Endless WordplayIt’s a great app for your kids to expand their vocabulary and spelling. Londyn loves this because she is learning how to read and it’s been great for her to work on her sight words!

A great Math app is Alien BuddiesIt has fun activities involving numbers, shapes, puzzles, etc. It’s great for ages 3-7.

My daughter loves Peppa Pig so Peppa’s Paintbox is one of her faves. It’s all about coloring and drawing in this one.

Toca Band is an awesome music app. We love Toca anything in our house.

And last but certainly not least….YouTube Kids. My favorite part of this app is that it has built in timer and it will let your kids know when it’s time to get off. Genius!!

What are your favorite kid educational apps? I’d love to know!

xoxo Ashton