General Conference weekend is one of my very favorite weekends of the year. When Easter happens to land on conference weekend it just makes it that much more special and tender. General Conference quotes make it easier for me to remember and keep the words of the prophet visible.

I love to hear and be inspired by our wonderful prophets and apostles. It encourages me to reflect on my life and how I’m doing as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. This conference was even extra special because we were able to sustain a new prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, combine the elders and high priest quorum and change from Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching to ministering to those in need. What a wonderful and inspiring weekend this has been.

Feel free to share these printable quotes on social media, screenshot them and use them as your phone/desktop background, or hang them in your home. Just save to your computer and you can print them off. Let me know if you heard any other wonderful quotes so that I can add them to this list.

If you were not able to listen to General Conference, or you are interested in finding out more about the Mormons, go here.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. Enjoy!

General Conference Quotes 2018

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