Going anywhere or doing anything with young kids is not the most enjoyable experience. I can think of a lot of other things I would rather be doing (ex., putting my hands in boiling hot water, stepping on hot coals, getting 50 paper cuts, etc.) There’s a lot of whining, crying, tantrums, pooping, barfing, yelling, screaming, ya know, the works. Leaving the house with young kids and running errands with them is stressful enough, let alone taking them to a whole other city! Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the hell that takes place before, during and after your trip is all the same. Why do we travel with kids again??

We have traveled a lot with our little ones. My husband’s parents live in California and my parents own a cabin in Utah, so we are frequently traveling to those two states. I have figured out some ways to keep my kids entertained for a short while. Remember, when you are traveling with kids anything goes!!! There are no rules to how much candy they can have or how many hours of YouTube Kids they can watch. As long as they are seated and quiet, that’s all that matters!!

So here are a few tips to help you mamas (and dads) out:

#1. Drug your kids.

Melatonin will become your new best friend. It’s an all natural drug, calms your children and makes them pass out. Nothing makes me happier than a sleeping child. Especially while traveling. So go grab some Melatonin in bulk and start poppin those pills. 😉

#2. Buy yourself a bag of Dums Dums.

These little treasures are the bomb. They keep your children quiet and happy. Yes, they can be a little sticky but nothing a few wet wipes won’t fix. Their little blue smiles will be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. As long as they are just smiling and not talking. 😉 And remember to just keep throwing those dum dums in the backseat. And if you’re traveling by plane, these are great for take off to help with the ear popping! So don’t be a dumb dumb and remember to bring the Dum Dums!!

#3. Take a trip to the Dollar store.

You will need to take a trip to the dollar store. Buy stickers, snacks, crayons and notepads. Stickers are seriously one of the best sources of entertainment. They keep my 5 year old and my 20 month old entertained for a good hour. Target dollar section is also a great spot!! I bought a two pairs of Hello Kitty headphones for my daughters there for $5 each. They also have an assortment of dumb little toys that kids love!

#4. Be on top of your Movie Game!

Okay this one may be the MOST important! TV and movies can literally keep your kids entertained for hours! I have found the greatest thing ever known to man. I might be late to the game, but this thing is amazing! It’s a USB Wifi Stick that your smart devices can connect to through wifi. Three different devices can connect at the same time! So you just download whatever movie or show that you want onto the USB and it can be watched without plugging it in. WHATTT??? Heaven in a stick. Literally. Get one from Amazon now!!!

#5. Be Organized.

I just recently purchased this Backseat Car Organizer . It is so cool!! Your kids can keep all their toys, tablets, and snacks in this organizer. It’s easily accessible to them and you won’t have to keep reaching back to give them everything! And it’s safer for you too. You won’t have to undo your seat belt every 5 seconds. Also, these Children’s Car Tray are the bomb. I remember traveling with my aunt when I was little and she had something very similar. I thought they were the coolest thing ever! We made yarn friendship bracelets for hours!

#6. Wear the Right Shoes.

If you are traveling by plane, this is key!! We all know how freaking annoying going through security is at the airport. You’ve got to empty your pockets, take your lap top out, take off your shoes, empty your shampoo bottles, get your baby bottles scanned through some high tech machine, take your clothes off and stand there naked while everyone watches. I mean, WOW!!! It’s ridiculous! I’m already wearing two extra layers because the airline can’t seem to figure out how to work the dang AC, so I’m sweating bullets trying to get everything off myself and my children to put on the conveyor belt! So save yourself a little more time and effort and have your family wear slip on shoes or flip flops!! That way they can easily take their own shoes off!

So remember these very important tips to keep your sanity while traveling with those small little people! And if none of these work out, pop those Melatonin’s back and sleep through all the hell that is around you. But please make sure to have a designated driver. 🙂

xoxo Ashton