You know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” It couldn’t be more true with this fabulous app we found, AdYoYo. With the fall fast approaching, there is nothing better than dejunking and starting out fresh for the new season.

If you have been on the many “yard sale” sites, you are able to add pictures of your used items. With AdYoYo, you can upload a video of your item. Genius, right? How many times have you thought you were buying something in excellent quality and when you see the actual product it is not quite how it was shown in picture? AdYoYo allows you to video your item and it gives better details of every inch. You can sell anything from cars to kids toys to pet adoption services. The options are endless!

The AdYoYo app will work on both iOS and Android.

How to Buy & Sell Items Using AdYoYo

Step One: Download the app

Step Two: Take a video of your product through the app (or you can do it on your phone and upload from your video gallery). The video can be up to 1 minute.

Step Three: Add the title of your item.

Step Four: List your product details, price, category, condition, etc.

Step Five: Add your location by zip code.

Step Six: Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Step Seven: Upload it and your all done! Wait for your offers to come rolling in!


Grab your old “trash,” sell them and purchase yourself some new “treasures!”

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