I have loved partnering with Justice Clothing. They are coming out with so many new projects, and the latest is a full-length documentary called “Finding Clara.” Justice partnered with BalletMet and Elevate Pictures to go behind the scenes of the Nutcracker. My daughter is a dancer and she was so excited to get to be the first to see it.

Celebrate the holiday with Justice stores and Finding Clara.

The movie is quite unique in the fact that it is filmed from the eyes of four girls who audition for and end up playing the role of Clara in the Nutcracker. My daughter enjoyed watching them balance school and home life with dance life. It is quite a battle of balance and this has been a struggle this year for her and is with many young girls. Between out of school activities, school, family and friends, it can be difficult, but it is such a strong skill to learn time management at a young age.

Just in time for the holidays you can gather your girls together, snuggled by the fire (with popcorn of course) and watch Finding Clara on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon for $9.99 to purchase or rental (fees may vary).

Justice also came out with a new graphic novel book series, Ultra Squad, which would make an excellent gift for Christmas.

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