This past weekend I attended a funeral for a family who three members were tragically killed in a car accident.  These three people were the epitome of Christ-like.  Everyone who spoke repeated the same personality traits about each….Christ-like and full of love.  It made me think…what would people say about me at my funeral?  I hope I can live my life so that others would be able to say those same descriptive words about myself.

When we leave this world we can not take our cars, homes, or any other materialistic items.  All we are able to take is our knowledge, and all anyone will remember is the way we loved, served, and treated others.


Here are 5 simple ways to become a more Christ-like person and family:

  1. Pray often.  Pray as a family, as a couple, and as an individual.  Build a relationship with God.  If we are willing He is waiting to hear and answer our prayers.  He is our best friend just waiting for each of us to turn our lives over to Him.  He knows all and NOTHING in this life is a coincidence.
  2. Serve Others.  When we lose ourselves in service is when we truly learn to love others.  ‘The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others’ Gordon B. Hinkley.  If you are struggling in any relationship or even within your own self, FORGET YOURSELF and do service.  Teach our children how to serve.  Seek out opportunities always where you can have your children serve neighbors, friends, widows, or the elderly.  They will learn so much.  Some examples to help you are: to take food or hygiene products to the homeless and allow your children to give them to the people, clean up a widows leaves or yard, take donuts to a fire station or police station, have your child drop off money to someone you know who is financially hurting under their doormat and ring the door bell and run, play or sing at a rest home, and the list is endless.  There are so many ways to serve just make sure you are including your children.
  3. Read Your Scriptures.  There are so many lessons to be learned if we pull out our scriptures and read from them daily.  Gather your family together and make it part of your routine to read from the scriptures.  They will change your life.  You can not know your Savior without studying about Him from His words.
  4. Be Grateful.  When I travelled to South America and visited with people who were extreme poverty they were some of the happiest people I have ever known.  They are grateful for the smallest things.  We do not need to have the nicest car, or the most expensive clothes, or have the biggest house to be grateful for what we have.  We should be grateful for our health, our family members, our friends, our talents, and even our trials.  Whatever helps you to seek out all there is to be grateful for, do it.  I find that having a grateful journal has helped me.  In the month of November, you can do it any month, my family only says grateful prayers.  We are not allowed to ask for anything in our prayers but only to thank Him for specific things in our life.  It truly makes you think.
  5. Family Night.  Designate one night a week where you devote the night to your family.  We do our family night on Monday evening.  I do not allow any extracurricular activities to happen on this night.  We have dinner and then all electronics go off and we either have a lesson we need to work on as a family, play games, or go do a fun activity.  Anything that consists of just our family.  They are the most important people in the world.

Let’s together work on becoming a more Christ centered family.

xoxo, Shea


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