I have always loved phone cases.  Does anyone else remember the Nokia phone with all the cool cases.  Yes, I for sure had more than my fair share.  I literally matched my phone case to my outfit.  Hilarious!  No I am no where near obsessed anymore, I have a few more things on my plate now.  But, I do still love a cute case that matches my personality.

I discovered Caseapp and loved the idea of a custom or marble looking case.  I immediately wanted o customize my case.  All you have to do is upload your picture and there you have it they will send you ‘YOUR’ individualized case, that represents you.  My family picture case will be coming soon.

I also absolutely LOVED the marble looking cases.  I needed one.  I also wanted this cute floral one for spring.  So maybe I still have a little bit of the 15 year old Shea in me.

They also own Stickerapp were they will customize stickers for you.  So cool if you own a company!  Check em out!!

So whether you are wanting to customize or looking for a great gift Caseapp is your place.  They provide quick and fast service.  We have a fabulous 20% off discount code to use at checkout MILLIONWAYS20.