I’ve been wearing overalls since I was 2 and I love them just as much on a 2 year old as I do on a 22 year old! I went to college at BYU-Idaho and they have this bizarre rule that you can’t wear overalls on campus because it might offend the farmers?? I would be flattered if I was a farmer! Anyways…the moral of the story is overalls look good on everyone, including farmers!

But you don’t have to look like a farmer or a 2 year old when you wear them. So I’ve given you a couple options on how to wear them from day to night, dressed up and dressed down!

If you don’t want to feel frumpy in them, buy more slim fitting overalls. They are flattering and hide the tummy area which I love after I’ve scarfed down a chipotle burrito. I love these slim fitting options here, here, and here.

In the look below, I’ve styled them for during the day. I wore a cute graphic tee, sneakers, and totes pulled the 90s one strap trend. You don’t have to take it that far, but this outfit is perf for running errands, cleaning toilets, wiping butts, and going to the grocery store while still looking put together and cute!

overalls overalls overalls

For nighttime, I traded in my graphic tee for a striped button down (love this one too), black heels (similar and obsessed with these), a cute pink bag and dangling earrings. I should’ve put some pink lipstick on to match my bag (dang it!), but here’s my favorite pink lipstick. I also think a ruffled sleeve top would look so cute under overalls. So there’s a few changes and it totally stepped up my look. This look would be perfect for date night, girls night, etc.


overalls overalls

I hope these looks convinced you enough to get on the overall bandwagon! Every mom needs a pair (or two or three)!

Happy shopping ladies!

xoxo Ashton