I look forward every month to a kid free, MOM’s NIGHT OUT! I LOVE to get together with my girlfriends at least once a month without my kids. It is such a nice break and a good recharge for the week. Every mom deserves at least one night a month to themselves!

A lot of the times our MNO’s include dinner, games, LOTS of talking, treats, and bottomless Diet Cokes. But sometimes we like to switch it up and do something different! We had heard about blow dry bars and we thought it would be so fun to try one out! I mean getting your hair shampooed, blow dryed AND styled without having to lift a finger or wrangle a child at the same time sounded HEAVENLY! Plus, we wouldn’t have to wash it for a least a week! Thank you dry shampoo! Winning!

But before you head out for a much needed Mom’s Night Out, Remember these 3 things:

  1. FORGET ABOUT YOUR KIDS! Don’t worry that your husband (or babysitter) won’t be able to handle feeding and putting the kids to bed! Let your control freak side go for at least one night. Your kids are going to survive! I promise!
  2. RELAX! Take this time to relax and leave all your worries at home. You hardly get these kid free moments so embrace it! Kick back and chug as many diet cokes down as you please. (there are no judgements at MNO)
  3. GET CREATIVE! We as moms tend to stick with what we know (which is totally fine!) but sometimes it’s nice to do something we never usually do. Being a mom can be pretty mundane and feel like Groundhog Day, so why not switch up your MNO occassionally! The blow dry was the perfect change up!

So we decided Vent Blotique was the perfect place! Their salon was so pretty, clean, and totally on trend. And it would be the cutest place to have a little girls, tween or teens birthday party! Seriously they would be obsessed.

girls night out/blow dry bar/salon spa treatment

They washed and conditioned our hair with some of the best products on the market. It was so relaxing and the head massage was AMAZING!

girls night out/salon/hair blowout

girls night out/salon/hair blowout

girls night out/hair products/salon treatment

After they washed and massaged our scalp, they massaged our hands and arms. Ahhhh seriously so nice!

That alone was worth it!

girls night out/salon treatment/getting pampered

We then moved to the blow dry bar. There we got to decide which hair style we wanted. I chose more loose waves and Shea wanted them a big tighter. There are many different options you can choose from.

girls night out/hair blowout/salon treatment

It was so nice to not have to blow dry our hair! Seriously isn’t that the worst part about getting ready?! It was amazing to have it done by someone else and not have to get all hot and sweaty!

girls night out/hair blowout/salon spa day

girls night out/hair blowout/salon spa day

The salon was so cute! I loved the decor and all the hanging blow dryers!

girls night out/hair blowout/salon spa day

girls night out/hair blowout/salon spa day

girls night out/hair blowout/salon spa day

Annnnnndddd WALAH! The finished product! Thank you so much for having us Vent Blotique! Now go plan your next Mom’s Night Out and get pampered!

blow dry salon/ girls night out

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