What a wonderful time of year! I love the craziness of the holidays. BUT I also love the peacefulness as well. Getting help on gifts can make it so much easier for me. I love to hear people’s reviews and opinions on what their children liked and did not. There is nothing like your child waking up Christmas morning and hating everything they got (happened to my third last year). It was so sad for me.

This year I looked high and low for the best toys that I have already purchased for my kids and that my friends have mentioned they loved and were worth every penny. Hope you can find something USEFUL in this list.

  1. LOL Dollz– Not my favorite thing to purchase but all the rage. My third is asking for them and she is getting what SHE WANTS this year since last year she was very unimpressed.
  2. OSMO– I love toys that either last a long time and or are making my kids think and can be fun as well as learning. And on SALE!
  3. GEO Puzzles– These are so fun, great to learn the countries, and good quality puzzles that can be done and redone.
  4. Kids DYSON- ummmm…..no need to say anything but amazing. This Dyson truly sucks and my youngest is getting this. My two babies fight over the vacuum all.day.long.
  5. Sand Digger- I also love toys that get my kids outside. This sand digger is super fun and will entertain for hours. If you do not have a sand box we did this one for our kids last year. Love that the lid shuts for cats and anything else gross.
  6. Smithsonian Human Body Book– These giant books are so COOL. My kids could look at all of their books for hours. Even I love their informative books.
  7. EzyRoller– TRIED AND TRUE! Everyone in my neighbor hood has these because we got them for our kids a few years ago. They are such a fun ride for littles to bigs.
  8. Plasma Car– Again, TRIED AND TRUE every time I post ours people want to know where we got them from. My whole neighborhood has them and all the kids have races down the hill.
  9. Hoverboard– Hadlee got this last year and everyone still rides it. It has gotten its moneys worth. My three year old to my husband all ride it.
  10. Oregon Globe– Ok this thing is so cool. I have heard so many dang good reviews. My kids are getting this and I can’t wait to play with it myself.
  11. Washing Machine-
  12. Connectrix– Both my 7 and 4 year old are getting these. My 7 year old is getting the regular and Heath the Jr. We do not allow video games so this will be so fun!
  13. Ice Cream Truck– Cutest playhouse ever and 30% off making it $35!


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