Sometimes after buying for our kids and our spouses we forget about some of the most important WOMEN our MOMS, SISTERS, FRIENDS, and even OURSELVES. After the hustling and bustling that women do around the holidays you deserve to spoil yourselves a little or maybe just send the link to your significant other.

I am a pretty realistic person and have ZERO problem getting things like a washer/dryer or vacuum for Christmas so I have added a little realistic as well as gifts with a little more fluff.

  1. MZ Wallace Bag– I have a few of their bags and they are my fave. You do not need to worry about getting them dirty they are easy to clean and they are very “mom” proof. Plus they have LOTS of different styles.
  2. Book of Mormon– How dang cute is this Book of Mormon?? They have lots of colors. When you open them up the wording is large plus there is LOTS of room to write notes in the margin.
  3. “Diamond” Studs– We all could use a little bling in our life.
  4. Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket– This blanket is the ONLY thing to help soothe my oldest daughter enough to fall asleep. It has been a God send. She use to stay up until 11:00 every night because it took her 2 hours to rest her mind.
  5. Robe– The coziest robe there ever was.
  6. Candle– These are like heaven in your home. They make my whole home smell with one candle and anyone who walks in comments.
  7. Slippers– Everyone needs a pair of clouds on their feet. I buy a new pair for myself every year.
  8. Leopard Booties– Or any booties from Earth and on SALE for 50% off, really that feel like you are walking on clouds. These are the comfiest, still stylish, boots ever.
  9. Day Planner– We women are constantly running a million miles an hour we NEED a very good planner.
  10. MAC lipstick pack– An everyday/person nude/pink lip collection.
  11. Throw
  12. Doormat– “Just So You Know, There’s Like A LOT of Kids in Here” every mom needs this.
  13. Made by Mary Choker– Probably my most asked question! Where is your choker from? My everyday staple.

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