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Sleep is such a precious and desired word when you have children, especially a newborn. Sleepless nights from a crying and hungry baby make you feel zombie like, stressed and overwhelmed.

My 3rd child, Asher, was born with fluid in his lungs which caused him to have pneumonia. After I delivered him, he was immediately sent to the NICU. I didn’t get to hold him until a couple days after he was born. That was the worst feeling in the world. Carrying a child for 9 months and then not being able hold them in your arms is heart breaking.

His breathing and oxygen levels became so low, that they told us they needed to transport him to Sunrise Children’s Hospital, where they would have doctors around the clock to monitor him and check his oxygen levels. His little lungs were working so hard to breathe, it was painful to look at him. His tiny chest was moving up and down so quickly, I just wanted to scoop him up and hold him tight. I have NEVER seen my husband cry in the entire 8 years that we have been together, but when he walked into the NICU and saw his little body working so hard to breathe, he just lost it.

That was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I had to leave the hospital and go home without a baby. I can’t even imagine the pain those mother’s go through who never get to go home with their baby or those mom’s who spend weeks or months with their children in the hospital. I admire you mother’s in every way.


My precious little angel was hooked up to every tube and monitor and all I could do was just pray and hope for the best.

Thankfully, he recovered quickly and we were able to take our perfect baby home after 8 days in the hospital. I remember feeling so excited to finally bring him home, but I was terrified at the same time. Would he be able to breathe on his own okay? What if his oxygen levels got low again and I wouldn’t know?

I hardly slept those first few nights he was home. I was constantly checking his breathing and making sure he was okay. I had two other children to care for as well, and so I NEEDED my sleep. My paranoia was becoming too much.

When I heard about Owlet, I knew immediately I had to have one. I just wish I would have heard about it sooner.

The Owlet monitor uses the same technology that hospitals use, pulse oximetry. It alerts you when your child’s oxygen level or heart rate is not normal. How amazing and convenient is that?!?! We as parents, can have the same technology they use in hospitals right in our very homes!

Owlet has been wonderful and has given me that peace of mind that all moms need when we put our children to sleep. We have SO many other things that we stress about, sleeping should not be one of them. I HIGHLY recommend it to every parent.

Need a peace of mind? Get an Owlet.

xoxo Ashton

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