Shirt  (Zara) similar || Jeans || Shoes (old)  || Cowgirl Necklace || Sunglasses

Undershirt || Cardigan || Shoes (Zara) Similar  Similar|| Sunglasses  use code MWTM20

I love me a good bodycon dress more than anything.  I feel a little sexy but completely covered in them.  I HATE seeing rolls or extra material through that gorgeous dress.

I hate bending over and worrying about my shirt lifting up and showing everyone everything underneath my clothes.

I hate when I wear an undershirt the fact that it will untuck from my pants and begin rolling up.

I have found a fabulous solution, the Stabody. It keeps everything smooth and unlike normal tank tops it won’t roll up on you or bunch up.  You will be looking HOT and feeling it as well.  It is also the perfect tank to where alone with your jeans.

It has now become a necessity in my closet.  I have both the white and black.  I have no worries, I feel like everything is more smooth and secure when I wear my Stabody, I feel more confident!  Grab yourself on you will not regret it!

You can head to their website or check them out on instagram @stabody and use code MILLIONWAYS for a 20%off discount until February 28.

xoxo, Shea