Did you hear that Susie just bought that gorgeous new home? The Smith’s got a really nice new car and we drive around this ghetto piece of crap. Mary just bought her entire family season passes to Disneyland. I freaking can’t afford to go once. The Joneses just had their house remodeled and I can’t even replace my burnt out light bulb. Do you find yourself having these thoughts?

Social media lets us in on everyone’s lives. It’s awesome, but it can also be freaking annoying! Everyone’s lives look picture perfect and it seems as though everyone has it together and it LOOKS like everyone is millionaire’s! It’s amazing how people consider what once were luxuries are now NECESSITIES!  I mean for hell’s sake I never knew how many baby item’s I “needed” until I had Londyn and Instagram became popular. The newest stroller, the latest car seat, boppy, bumbo, glass bottles, bent bottles, angled bottles, swings, bouncers, heart beat monitors, video monitors, sleeping monitors, oxygen monitors, noise makers, bottle makers, wipe warmers, SWADDLING blankets….HOLY COW!!!!! I’m going to go broke within the first few months of my baby’s life!

We tend to think we NEED everything, when in reality we actually don’t need very much at all. What happened to living simple? And I’m not talking about living like the Amish people. I love to buy things. It’s fun and makes me happy. But it’s when we start thinking that we actually need those things in order to be happy, is when it becomes a problem. I’ve come to realize that people that live simple lives are the happiest.

So how can we avoid constantly comparing ourselves with those freaking Joneses?

#1. BE HAPPY IN THE NOW (easier said than done, I know)

I have this quote that I keep on my phone when I’m throwing a big ol pity party for myself…” Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not, but remember that what you have now was once among the things you had only hoped for.” The grass is not greener on the other side folks!


Let’s be honest, it’s fun buying and having new things. When we moved into our home, we had dirt for a backyard. I wanted so badly to get the backyard done immediately after we moved in, but we had so many other priorities that were ahead of that desired backyard. We could have easily just put it on a credit card and had a beautiful yard within days and I wouldn’t have had to stare at my white trash backyard anymore. But, we set goals to save a little money each month and we had our backyard done before baby #3 came along. And we didn’t have the burden of worrying about paying off a credit card. Setting goals can be a real buzz kill, but it’s worth it. Good things take time!!! (I have to tell myself that on the daily)

#3BE CONFIDENT (again, easier said than done)

When we are confident with ourselves, with our spouse, our children, we won’t care about what the Joneses have going on next door. Those “things” won’t matter anymore. Be cheerful and kind and your happiness will be the only “thing” people will be wanting to keep up with.

Xo Ashton