There are so many pros to being a stay at home mom.  I actually wouldn’t trade it for any amount of salary.  BUT there are some definite cons to being a SAHM.  We have come up with a few for your entertainment.

  1. You can honestly say you have been pooped on, vomited on, and boogers wiped on your shoulder by the day’s end.  And you refuse to change clothes because that would mean more laundry.
  2. You get so excited to have the dryer go off so you can have an excuse to watch the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise while you fold the laundry.
  3.  You leave the vacuum out because you know you are going to be vacuuming up crap at least 5 more times that day.
  4. On your way home from grocery shopping, you run through the drive thru for dinner because you are too exhausted and the thought of cleaning up another mess is just too much.
  5. You know more about cartoons than current events.
  6. You get pink eye from probably changing too many diapers. 😉 I could not even believe when I was told that pink eye comes from feces. (vomit)
  7. When Dad gets home from work you clock out.
  8. From the hours of 3-6pm you are wanting to blow your head off, and texting your husband every 2 minutes to see when he will be home.
  9. You literally scrub one bathroom floor and shine the faucets and you want to take pics and text all your friends. You feel like super mom.
  10. When you finish the laundry and all the baskets are empty for 1 hour….you just stare at them.
  11. You have a love hate relationship with bedtime routine that sometimes you would prefer to clean toilets.
  12. The McDonald’s workers know your name (and order). ?
  13. When figuring out what to make for dinner is just as stressful as deciding who you are voting for in November 2016.
  14. Play dates are more about us than our children.
  15. Your hobbies include watching a show alone, eating in silence, and slipping into the sheets.
  16. My personal style is best described as ‘I didn’t expect to see anyone.’
  17. Netflix and CHILL means turning on Mickey Mouse and literally chillin on the couch.
  18. You pull up to the house and you just want to sit in the car because you know there is more work to do when you get out.
  19. You thank  You Tube Kids and the weirdos who make the videos for our kids entertainment and my sanity.
  20. All else fails eat a lot of chocolate, drink a lot of Diet Coke, and call your mom, she’s been there.

stay at home mom