My husband and I set a goal a few years ago to do one big Couples Trip together and then one big Family Trip each year and we have been pretty good at keeping that goal.  Feels like we are hardly ever home but we have come to love traveling by sprinkling in some quick weekend getaways throughout the year too.  Sometimes on a strict budget and other times dipping into savings to make some great memories.

Do you need a couples retreat with some relaxation, good food, and a little exercise to see some of Nature’s Beauty?  How about 6 days in Hawaii, where you can lay around the resort or get out on some great hikes and tours!!!

Scott and I had the most amazing time on vacation.  We stayed at the amazing St. Regis Kauai.  It was beautiful and just what we needed; a week with NO children.

I had never been to Hawaii before.  The island of Kauai was perfect for the reason we went….to relax.  There is not a ton to do on the island but there is plenty to see.  And I feel like we did everything there is to see and do.

IMG_8113 IMG_8117 IMG_8118 The St. Regis was a fabulous hotel.  It had wonderful food and excellent service.  It is on the North Shore of Hawaii which is known for their great surfing as well as where Bethany Hamilton had her encounter on Tunnels Beach with a shark.

Here is the view from our room which is pretty much the same view from all over the resort, so don’t feel the need to try and ‘upgrade.’

IMG_8122 We tried laying out on the beach during the sunny days and my husband’s A.D.D. was bugging the crap out of me, so we took a few excursions.  We took a catamaran out onto the ocean.  The company was Blue Dolphin Charters and they were fabulous.  They picked us up from the hotel and chartered us to the dock on the dry-side (south side) of the island.  When we got on the catamaran to start our 5 hour excursion, they fed us breakfast and pointed out all of what was to see.  They were a group of fun entertaining crew members.  We saw Humpback Whales, Spinner Dolphins, and then we stopped in the middle of the ocean near some reef and snorkeled.  We were able to swim with turtles!!  They fed us lunch as well and it was AMAZING!!!  Definitely make this a priority if you go to Kauai.

IMG_0275 IMG_0280

The morning before we needed to catch our flight we went to Queen’s Bath.  It is beautiful!  A must see but do be VERY careful as there has been some drownings in the past.  The swells can come in pretty high near here which brings in the Big Wave Surfers.  With all of the rocks and strong currents, the Bureau of Tourism has even asked the taxi drivers, concierge, and valet attendants to tell tourists that its not worth seeing and to stay away.  But we had some local friends that gave us some pretty good tips, so we took the risk.

And if you are really adventurous… there are plenty of signs posted to remind you that swimsuits are optional… wink, wink.

IMG_8173 IMG_8191 IMG_8184

Swimsuit – from Seafolly

Coverup  – from Forever 21

For some exercise, Scott and I took a 2.5 mile kayak trip along a river to hike about a mile to a hidden waterfall.  The company we were with was Kayak Kauai had packed a lunch and we ate after hiking back to it.  It was so beautiful and we even got in our exercise for the week :).  The only downfall is that after you have seen the beauty, you have to go back down a mile hike and 2.5 miles kayaking on the river.

IMG_0243 IMG_0262 IMG_0251


If you are needing a trip sans kids, this is it!  I used to want a trip filled with stuff to see and do….now I need a trip where I can do NOTHING and feel totally ok with it.  This was it!  There was a few things to do so my husband wasn’t bored out of his mind but not a ton to do so we could just get in some serious R & R.