No need to read a book about Shea to get to know me… because if you sit down with me for more than 10 minutes… you will be able to read it all over my face.  One of my biggest strengths is also one of my biggest weaknesses;  I can’t be fake.  Even if I know that I need to try to put on those rosy cheeks.  What you see is what you get.

  1.  I am incredibly bossy.  My poor sisters had to deal with me constantly telling them what they should and shouldn’t do their whole life.  I don’t even know why I care?  And my husband…oh man I don’t know how he has lasted this long.
  2. I am a know-it-all!  I love to give any statistic I can pull out when trying to state my case.  I love to be right.  It is so ridiculous.  After I try and prove a point and I am in bed at night I go over and over with myself that I should have just inserted my foot in mouth and shut up.  Which leads us to the next…
  3. I have more guilt than anyone I know.  If I have ever hurt anyone, been dishonest, or anything that might be a little bit wrong I have worried over it ten fold.  So please forgive me because honestly it hurt me inside more than it could have possibly hurt anyone else.
  4. I am a financial nazi.  I LOVE to save and see money in my bank account.   I don’t do budgets… my method is quite simple… spend less than you make!  I was known in high school for knowing which gas station had the cheapest gas.  Yes, a bit neurotic.
  5.  I eat more than my husband every meal!  I can put down some serious food.
  6.  I am a Coke (CocaCola) addict.  It is my happy place.  Since I don’t have coffee to give me a boost or alcohol to take the edge off… I will take a Coke, multiple times a day.  And please refrain from telling me how bad it is for me I could CARE LESS.  If its not in a Red Can with a little label that tells me that I am consuming 140 calories of pure heaven, then it’s not for me!
  7.  I got pulled over for drunk driving at 11:00 am.  And NO I was not drunk nor have I drank, but am a bit speedy and maybe should stay in the lines a little better.
  8.  I shop a lot and buy almost nothing.  If you look at my internet browser right now, I have about 15 different pages open and have the ‘shopping carts’ completely full with stuff that I probably will never actually purchase.  Shopping at stores ends up about the same… enter the dressing room with $1,000 worth of clothes… and leave with a $10 tee shirt.
  9.  I hate butter and salt.  I even try and wipe off my tortilla chips and fries.
  10.  My life is a RACE!  Seriously, in my head I time myself how fast I can get things done, and I really am the fastest person I know.  I even (cover my eyes in humiliation) have a race (in my mind) of who can get dressed the fastest in the temple.  I ALWAYS win!! It is so ridiculous, I have no clue why I care to go fast I usually have no where to be.
  11.  I got pregnant TWICE with an IUD.  Yes, Hadlee had a ‘twin’ but not really because they were two weeks apart.  I miscarried the younger one. And yes, all while having an IUD in.   Can we say Fertile Mertile!!??
  12. And last but certainly not least I have always had deep desire to serve and make a difference.  Make a difference in children’s lives who can’t make a difference for themselves as well as make a difference in mother’s lives all over, hence Million Ways to Mother.  I want to be an advocate for foster children.  These children will change your lives.  Bringing in a foster child if saving a life.  I want to be an advocate for Mother’s, they are shaping the next generation, and THE most important calling a woman can have.

xoxo, Shea