Marriage is work, hard, needs revamping, and yet can be absolutely the best relationship you will ever have with somebody.  My husband and I met my sophomore year of high school and his junior year (I would never recommend falling in love at 16) but it did work for us.  He was the hot baseball player.  He asked my friend if I was seeing anyone and then my friends introduced us to each other.  We fell in love at first sight.  We were inseparable.  We dated until he left on a LDS mission to Paraguay.  His claim to fame is he did ‘Dear Jane’ me.  But at the same time we were married 6 months after he got home.

I can say we have had a pretty amazing marriage.  NOT saying all has always been perfect.  We have had our ups and downs.  Scott has ALWAYS been my number ONE.  As I believe every marriage should be.  No one comes before him and I come before everyone for him.

There have been times in our marriage where we needed to reevaluate, make new goals, and SPICE things up a little.  Life can very much be like ground hog’s day…..SPICE it up!!

Version 2

Here are ways to easily SPICE things up!

  1. HOBBY.  Sign up for a class or a hobby together.  Cooking class, tennis lessons, bowling league, the list is endless.  There are so many different fun activities that a couple could enjoy doing together.  Over the summer Scott and I searched through our Recreation Center guide list and decided to take tennis lessons.  It was so much fun!

  2. PDA.   Go out in public and pretend you have just fallin’ in love again.  Show some serious PDA.  Hold each others hand, kiss, sit on the same side of the table at a restaurant to together so you can be close.

  3. POST-IT NOTES.  Leave a sexy, romantic, or sweet letter or Post-It hidden in his car, office, pillow, mirror, etc.  How fun it is to receive letters, such pick me ups.

  4. VACATION.  There is nothing more rejuvenating in a marriage then a getaway.  Even if it is one night at a hotel near you.  Having no distractions and being able to focus on one another makes for having a good time with pretty much no effort.

  5. DATES.  This should be a priority.  Trying to talk over children is so difficult.  Getting out alone together is amazing to actually have an uninterrupted discussion.

  6. ROMANCE.  Now the part I get nervous to talk about but is definitely a part of marriage….the bedroom.  Don’t let this part of marriage go by the wayside.  Women need and want to be touched and cuddled with that men need sex.  That is how they feel loved.  If you need to schedule it in and let your husband know when and where, it will add to the excitement!

  7. FLIRT.  I know this is so hard.  Once we ladies have children we tend to think we immediately lost our sexiness and flirtyness.

  8. LOVE HIM & ONLY HIM.  Put him first and make him feel loved.  Serve him, kiss him, and talk with him.  spouse