Oh resolutions!!! Something that I want so badly to be good at, but I’m so bad at doing!

Which is why my #1 Resolution this year is to KEEP MY GOALS ALL YEAR LONG!

This sounds daunting and sometimes near impossible for me to think that I can do, but I really, REALLY want to do it!

top | jeans (so soft!) | jacket (similar) | boots (more than half off!!) | lipstick

So here it goes…

#1. Actually complete my resolutions before 2018! (no cheating!)

#2. Become more organized! I’m not organized and I tend to be just a tad forgetful (sorry family), but I have been starting to put alarms on my phone for my reminders and I asked Jon to give me a planner for Christmas. My alarms are constantly going off  and I feel like an 80 year old woman with my planner, but hey, it works! I got this one. I love it, and I’ve been writing cute little things that have happened that day too. So it’s like my journal, win, win!

#3. Drink more water! You guys, it has gotten out of hand. I sometimes don’t even know when the last time I had water. Diet Coke has water in it though, right??? 😉

#4. Plan out my dinner menu each week. This means NOT going grocery shopping, and then driving thru McDonalds to pick up dinner. Mother of Year right here!

#5. Plan a vacation with my husband! Like really plan it. Pick the date, buy the flights, book the hotel, find a babysitter (cause they for sure aren’t coming :)), etc. We’ve had $1000 gift card to the Hyatt for almost year now and still haven’t planned anything! Pathetic I know!

#6. Don’t PROCRASTINATE! You know when people say, “if it wasn’t for the last minute, she’d never get anything done.” Well yeah, that saying was created because of me. I’m the Queen of Procrastination. I’ll never been the Queen of anything, but procrastination, yep you got that girl!  And now that I have children, no mas, no mas! It has gotten me in trouble one too many times.

#7. Smile more. Smile at my children, my husband, my sisters, strangers, etc. Quit being a grumpy gus and just SMILE! Think positive thoughts from the minute you get up and say, “It’s gonna be a great day!” (even when your 5 year old yells in your ear and all you can think about is punching her in the face ;))

And last but certainly not least….

#8. Go to bed earlier. And by earlier I mean lights out, teeth brushed (oh man that one is hard), and head on pillow with eyes shut at 11:00 PM. These SUITS marathons are killing me. I gotta go to bed earlier or #7 goal for sure ain’t happening!

Well there you have it, now you can all hold me to it!

Now excuse me while I write these all in my planner and set my alarms. 🙂

xoxo Ashton

Btw, if you struggle with keeping New Year’s resolutions like myself, this is the perfect article for you to read.