If any of you are like me and my kids we have too many toys that DON’T get played with.  They get the toy for Christmas or their birthday and they play with it for a couple hours or maybe a week and then it never gets touched again and gets thrown into the toy closet to take up space.  Because of this I tell the grandparents or anyone asking exactly what the kids need so we don’t get anymore unnecessary items.  Here are a few ideas that won’t just take up space in a closet or playroom.


Tickets are always a great option.  You could give tickets for a one time event or even better a season pass:

  1. Disneyland for the whole family.
  2. Museum.  If you live in the Las Vegas area the Discovery Children’s Museum is a fabulous idea.  There are 3 levels of pure fun and learning.
  3. Water Park. If you live in Vegas area I had grandma buy my kids season passes to Cowabunga Bay.
  4. Helicopter Ride.
  5. Snow Ski lessons or gift card/season pass.
  6. Disney On Ice.  I know if you live near Las Vegas they almost always come in January.
  7. Concert.
  8. Aquarium.
  9. Zoo.
  10. The Pogo Pass.  Such a fabulous idea.  They have so many activities for your whole family to do all year long.  For 60% off use code MWTM60 at check out.

Gift Cards

There is an endless list of gift cards.  I am a HUGE fan of gift cards.  If you are going to spend $20 on my kids please, please do not get them some stupid little item just to get it.  Get them a gift card to a place you know they will love.  I don’t understand when people say that gift cards aren’t thoughtful.  What is more thoughtful than thinking of a place that person loves and giving them the money to spend there when it is convenient?

    1. Chik Fil-A or McDonalds.  I do not purchase my kids happy meals.  I have 5 kids if I purchased them all Happy meals we would never be able to go out because we would be spending too much every time.  So if you give my child a gift card they are able to purchase a Happy meal or something better than off the $1 menu.
    2. Movie Gift Card.
    3. Favorite Restaurant.
    4. Favorite clothing store or just a $$ Gift Card.  Sometimes after the holidays my kids don’t need anymore clothes, but say in April they are in desperate need for clothes.  It would be wonderful for them to have some money to go purchase themselves some necessary clothes.
    5. Build-A-Bear Gift Card. Kids love this activity and you KNOW for a fact there is no way in you know what they are getting one of these $40 stuffed animals without it being a special day.
    6. Spa Day.

Family Trip

  1. Cruise.  Last year my parents and us both gave my kids a Disney Cruise.  It was a total blast.  A gift they have never stopped talking about and will be a memory that will last a lifetime.
  2. Beach trip.
  3. RV trip.  Rent an RV and head somewhere like Yellowstone.  We did this you can check out our vacation HERE.
  4. Camping.

Clothes gifts

Being a mom of 5, some of those last children get A LOT of hand me downs.  It would be wonderful to get some necessities or this is when I give my older kids clothes.  If you are afraid of their style these are some other great options.

  1. Pajamas.
  2. Shoes.
  3. Underwear.

Bedroom Gifts

We are decorating my oldest daughters room for Christmas.  I have found some pretty awesome things kids would love to add to their room to make them “theirs.”

    1. Vanity/Desk Every kid loves their own desk and area to do their homework or play. We bought this one for my daughter.  It is so cute and small.
    2. Bean Bag .

Give your children more than things and stuff this year; give them memories that are lasting.  Fill their treasure chests with lifting, loving, sharing, caring, GIVING moments.

I hope I was able to help give all you mothers who deal with the same problem as me.  I would prefer to make memories with my kids rather than materials things they will never remember.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be lying if I said I don’t get them any presents because we definitely do.  We just keep it at a minimum.

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