Ever since becoming a mom, my love for sneakers has grown immensely. They are comfortable, practical, and the easiest shoe to do anything in. I love how versatile they have become. A few years ago, you wouldn’t even think to wear sneakers with anything but gym clothes or sweats, but now they can be worn with practically anything. I’m going to show you three different ways to wear this one fall trend.

#1. Button down or Blouse

Usually when you put on a button down or blouse you don’t think to pair it with sneakers. Well I’m here to tell you that you can! It gives it that cool, casual style without being too dressy. I love wearing blouses because they are light and flowy. I think that pairing it with sneakers makes it look effortless and on trend. You’ll look like the coolest mom on the block. 😉

These are my favorite sneakers right now because 1) they are neutral, which I think is key to a great casual sneaker 2) they are leather and can be easily cleaned 3) I love that they are perforated so it adds some texture to your shoe without being too much and 4) they are super comfortable.

ways to wear sneakers

Top | Black Jeans | Sneakers | Sunglasses

ways to wear sneakers

#2. Dress or Skirt

This is my favorite way to wear sneakers. As a mom, I never really go anywhere besides the grocery store, Target, or the park, but sometimes I want to put on a cute, comfy dress or skirt. I don’t want to pair it with heels because that’s just impractical, so sneakers for win. Remember to keep in mind that I’m not talking about running sneakers, but more of a casual sneaker.

ways to wear sneakers

ways to wear sneakers

#3. Blazer or Cardigan

Pairing sneakers with a blazer or cardigan is a great cool, classic look. I could have easily paired sneakers with either of these outfits in this post. It’s sophisticated up top, but a party on your feet. 😜

I hope you hop on this trend because it may just be the most practical one!

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