Are you looking for somewhere to host your next pizza party? Check out a Peter Piper Pizza Party for kids.  It’s fun for everyone. Who else has kids that start talking about their birthday two months before it is even going to happen? Me! I have to tell my kids they can not start telling me about their party until two weeks before.

Pizza Party for Kids

Shelbee was determined from the start that she wanted her birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. She loved the fact that she had freedom and yet felt special while being able to do her own things. And I was all for it because there wouldn’t be a mess at my home, I wouldn’t have to entertain any children, and I didn’t have to cook. A WIN WIN for all!

Between myself & Ashton, we have three kids birthday’s all within 10 days of one another, so we did a joint party. The more the merrier.

We booked a party with Peter Piper Pizza and it was a cinch. You can book your next party HERE.  They have so many different times available to accommodate you.

Peter Piper Pizza

When you show up, you know exactly where to go because they have your table reserved with balloons with you child’s name on it.  They also have the tables decorated with the birthday party attendants place settings ready. Not only is all of this done but then you are greeted with the kindest most fun employee to serve you the rest of the night. I felt like we were in a 5 star restaurant. They catered to our every need and the children’s (which is really all I cared about).

Bookmark this post! Consider a Peter Piper Pizza Party for kids!

Pizza parties are the best and Peter Piper Pizza knows how to party!

Party Food

They have a full size menu with so many great selections. Because we had so many adults as well as children at our party we decided to order only pizza for the kids. The adults on the other hand got a much larger selection of yummy food. We ordered wings, salad, and more deluxe pizzas. We were so impressed with the food.

Check this out! A Peter Piper Pizza Party for kids!

Build your own Pizza

The party package also includes that the birthday child gets to build their very own pizza and either eat it there or take it home. Our kids loved this part. They felt so special getting to pick out as many toppings as they wanted.

You won't want to miss this Peter Piper Pizza Party for kids!Is is a party if pizza isn't involved check out this party at Peter Piper Pizza!Perfect kids and adult party at Peter Piper Pizza.

Birthday Cake

Peter Piper Pizza is an excellent choice for dessert as they give all of the guests ice cream. We also opted for a cake from the fabulous TSP Baking Company. If you live in the Las Vegas areas call them for all of your cake/cookie/cupcake dreams. They made Shelbee this fantastic unicorn cake. The cookies and cupcakes were divine.

Loving this birthday cake at Peter Piper Pizza. These three are digging their desserts from Peter Piper Pizza.This unicorn cake was perfect for a 6 year old's party at Peter Piper Pizza.How about these delicious cookies and cupcakes at our Peter Piper pizza party.

Children’s Entertainment

As we all know Peter Piper Pizza is the perfect place to keep your children entertained. The kids could endlessly play in the arcade area. It is a built in babysitter. When you sign up for a birthday party they will give each child a certain amount of tokens and then the birthday child gets even more. After playing till their heart’s content the kids can head over to the ticket redemption area to “purchase their goodies.”

You will not regret having your next child’s birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.