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I know many of you get frightened to hear budget or stop spending…I do as well.  Budgeting is hard and a lot of work.  I am a FIRM believer in spending less than you make and cut back in areas where it is unnecessary.

This mentality was instilled in me from a young child and I believe we as mothers need to teach our children how to save and spend less.

If I could have my dream job it would be to manage peoples money and their bills.  It makes me giddy inside to save!

I will give you a few of my secrets:

  1.  Cancel cable or at least go to the least expensive plan and invest in HULU, Netflix, and or Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now.  I have opted for the lowest cable which is channels 1-16, internet, and phone because internet and phone are a MUST in my house.  Plus Cox Cable also threw in HBO and Starz all for the low price of $79.
  2. About every 2 years call a few car insurance companies or a broker and check pricing.  This could easily save you $$ every month.
  3. I am in NO way a couponer.  I do not have time for that. BUT I do buy store brand food in most products.  This alone will save you every time you grocery shop.  We all love Target so if you do, your BEST option is to enroll in CARTWHEEL and The Red Card debit card.  You will save lots.
  4. Buy your food in bulk.  I am a huge believer in this.  One reason is it is almost always cheaper and second reason is if you have it already on hand then you don’t need to make an extra trip (gas) to go purchase that item.  Costco is always a great idea or your nearest grocery stores Case Lot sales.  A bonus is when you buy in bulk you are able to have more for food storage for you family.
  5. I do not buy full price clothes; especially for my children.  I LOVE good quality.  90% of my kids clothes are GAP but I ALWAYS buy them on clearance and when they are having their take an extra 40 or 50% off sale.
  6. I believe children should learn to work and a bonus is you save $$; so do your own yard work, housecleaning, and cleaning the car.  If you want to splurge a little ask for a housecleaner on special occasions.
  7. Date Nights in a marriage are a MUST so find a movie theater that has a cheaper night or go to a matinee.  For all my Las Vegas peeps at the South Point Casino Movie theater all day on Tuesday the price is $5.25.
  8. Pack a lunch for your family.  It is the much cheaper option as well as healthier.  Or if you are headed to a park and needing a break from the classic PB & J sandwich, pack your kids a lunch and grab you a little somethin’ somethin’.
  9. With all the extra $$ you will be saving use that money to pay off which ever credit card has the highest interest rate and start paying it off.

Enjoy getting out of debt and saving.  It will make your life much more peaceful and enjoyable.

Good luck my friends!

xoxo, Shea